• Nightly Roundup #536

    I almost forgot how windy and cold Michigan can get during the winter! Thank goodness I brought some heavier clothing or I'd be freezing to death. Looks like Fluttershy and Twi have the right idea by bundling up as well.

    Hope you all are staying warm where you are or cool if you're one of our southern hemisphere friends. Check out the news after the break!

    Awesome School Project Featuring Ponies!

    I love these school pony projects! As I keep saying, I could never do this sort of stuff in front of others without freaking out, heh.

    Pony Christmas Tree!

    This is a really, really cool looking Christmas tree! I applaud the folks that got this thing put together.

    Copy Paste:

    I am submitting to you, pictures of my cousin's and her boyfriend's Christmas tree this year. As you can see it is no ordinary tree, but it is a PONY Tree. This is there first Christmas in their new house so they decided to make a pony tree. The ponies on the tree are from G4 as well as G3.

    WTVY - Year of the Pony

    Our favorite local TV station, WTVY, has done an end of the year article on the pony phenomenon. Giving general information on the evolution of the fandom, the show, and many other aspects, it's a nice little article and is worth checking out.

    WTVY Article

    My Little Youcaps

    Have a little dose of random for the night!

    Gingerbread House

    Copy Paste:

    Every year we make a gingerbread house for Christmas. Previous years have been rather modest, but this year my nine-year-old daughter suggested we re-create Sugarcube Corner. It was challenging, and the end results are a little wonky and not entirely show-accurate. But we'd like to think Pinkie Pie is impressed.


    Stay Brony My Friends - Episode 34

    Copy Paste:

    Hey all you Bronys out there! Guess what! If you don't have anywhere to be for Christmas Eve, join Dustykatt, Screwball, CowboyDave and the Stay Brony my Friends crew
    as they bring you joy and happiness tonight!

    There will be surprises, guests, videos and merriment abound.

    And if your lucky, you can win a fabulous Christmas prize! What is it you ask? you'll just have to show up to find out!

    Hit up http://everfree.net/channels/viewer/ at 5pm PST/8pm EST for all the fun!


    Successful Meetups

    Rhode Island Brony Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Group photo from the Rhode Island Bronies "Hearth's Warming Eve" party
    this past Saturday!

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Perler Ponies (Discount code: BYEBYE2012)