• Artist Training Ground - Family Reunion Edition

    Apples Apples Apples! I actually ate apples all weekend in honor of Saturday's episode.  They say that improves your ability to draw, but I'm pretty sure carrots are superior for that.  Not only are they pen shaped, but they improve the eyes!  Apples are still good though...

    Onward to the Apple Family Reunion training ground! We will be rolling with three prompts again this week similar to the last, choose one based on how much time you have/how far you are willing to go!  All are welcome! If you have something that can create an image and a piece of paper/napkin/sturdy leaf, then do it!  And feel free to rip the prompts to shreds.  The wackier the better.

    Tier 1:  Training Grounds Initiate
    Your pony is putting on their best outfit to impress the relatives at the upcoming family reunion!  Whether said family is a traveling circus or filled with high class snobs is up to you, just draw a pony dressed up!

    Tier 2:  Experienced Training Grounder
    The pony you drew in tier one is meeting up with a mysterious long lost relative.  Draw their first encounter! 

    Tier 3: Training Grounds Veteran
    The whole family is here! Uncles, aunts, grandchildren, pet monkeys in business suits! Draw the reunion!

    The strict deadline this week will be Wednesday 11:00 PM PST (Thursday 7:00 AM GMT), though late entries will be available until a bit later.  Your best bet is to not plan on being late, as it will close at any time after the deadline!

    Where do I submit?
    Head on over to this page and click "Drawing Training Ground - Family Reunion Edition", and fill in all the sections to submit. 

    If you need help with finding the URL of an image, head on down past the break for a tutorial on that, as well as a re-link of the drawing tutorials.  And if you want to check out last week's entries, hit up this link!

    Now off you go!

    Drawing Tutorials:

    Pony Part Tutorials
    Pony Faces
    Pony Simple Eyes
    Pony Clothing
    Pony Heads

    Complete Pony Tutorials
    Simple Shapes to Pony
    Everything Pony Guide 
    Tsitra's Pony Guide
    J-Z-A Pony Guide

    Specific Pony Color Guide
    SAI Coloring Guide
    Photoshop Coloring Guide

    URL Grabbing tutorial: 

    We will be using our EQD submission system.  Simply click the "Drawing Training Grounds - Family Reunion" event and fill in the blanks with your entry.  There will be one extra submit allowed if you derp something, but at two you will be locked out, so make sure its done when you send it!

    A tutorial for grabbing the URL of an image can be found below.  We will only be taking submissions through the submitter, so be sure to follow it. 

    Paste your URL Here:

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