• Music of the Day #41

    I can't focus on books unless I have music in the background.  For those of you in the same boat, have some music!

  • Big Apple Ponycon Announces Andy Price, Tickets, and More!

    The Big Apple Ponycon has an announcement for you all and boy is it a dozy! Announcing not only Andy Price, Katie Cook, and Stephanie Buscema, but information on vendors and tickets as well! For the full scoop on the latest convention to hit the east coast check out the press release after the break!

  • Background Music: Wonderbolts Academy, Sleepless in Ponyville, Canterlot Wedding

    Sen555, Infinity Dash, and MrNewbyNewb continue their compiling of notable background tracks with a bunch of them taken from the two most recent episodes and Canterlot Wedding.  I bet half of you didn't even notice these songs while mindlessly watching ponies go about their days!  It's pretty amazing how much of a difference they make in setting a scene though.

    Anyway, head on down past the break for piles of links!

  • New Shirts at Welovefine and Rarity Neuveau 40% Off

    We Love Fine has a couple of new shirts up over in their pony section, this time dedicated to what appears to be a set of ponies with headphones, as well as a pony mugs shirt, minimalist style. 

    It looks like their daily deal today is a whopping 40% off on the Rarity poster too!  Head on over here to check it all out!

  • Discussion: The Ultimate Duet! Which Ponies should Pair Up and Sing?

    Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy got to show off their vocal abilities in "Find a Pet", and Spike and Twilight teamed up for "I wasn't prepared".  Who else should collaborate and bust out a new duet song for us to remix the hell out of?

    Have a scenario:
    It is season six, and Hasbro has given you another blank check.  Your task is to match two ponies (or any other talking beastie in Equestria) up, and give them a topic to sing about.  While the budget does allow for a background chorus, the actual song must focus on two characters specifically.

    Which two do you choose? What should they sing about?  And what genre would best fit the pair? Maybe Gilda should return and drop a rock ballad with Rainbow Dash about flight school?  Or perhaps Sombra and Chrysalis can team up for an epic new Disney-esque villian song? I'm sure we can figure something out with his limited speaking ability. 

    The choice is yours! Drop it in the comments below. 

  • Music: Babs Seed - Yaplap

    Seth couldn't handle the intensity of this song, so I had to post it for him. If you're a fan of anything else by Yaplap, you're sure to enjoy this one. Oh, and like all of his music, you might want to turn your volume down a bit. Maybe a lot. Check it out after the break.

  • PMV: Mad Mares / The Beat / Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo - Too Late

    We start this one off with a PMV for Mad Mare, followed by a bit of Wonderbolt Academy, and end with some sadness. I guess RD didn't teach Scootaloo how to absorb nuclear explosions or something.

    Check them out below!

    1.) Mad Mares (PMV)
    2.) [PMV Collab] The Beat
    3.) 「Rainbow Dash & Scootaloo」Too Late

  • Music: Hearthswarming / Guardian of Dreams / I Can't Stop Referencing Pony (DongleKumquat Remix)

    I wonder how much holiday music we are going to get this season? So far it has been pretty light! Lets start this off with one of those, followed by a bit of vocal rock, and finish with a remix of that ridiculously fast rap from the other day.  Check them out below!

    1.) Hearthswarming - SkyBolt & Moon Shines (Christmas Song Nat King Cole Ponified)
    2.) Restrained Madness - Guardian of Dreams
    3.) FenPony - I Can't Stop Referencing Pony (DongleKumquat Remix)

  • Comic: A Derpy Date / Forgiveness / At Least Trixie didn't... / Magic Quick Draw / Tic Tac Derp

    Check the description for pages
    We start this one off with some Doctor/Derpy romancy stuff, followed by moon ponies, Trixies, simple pixels, and more Derpy.  Click for full! 

  • Animation: September

    Morleux on Youtube has released an animation of The Living Tombstone's September, complete with all of the dark tones that go along with it.   There is a bit of blood due to the nature of the piece, but I think you guys can handle it !

    Head on down past the break to check it out.

    In other news, this reminds me of one of those good old animated GIF animations from back in the day.  Oh nostalgia, why do you hit so hard? 

  • Drawfriend Stuff #657

    I have no clue what is going on here, but Sci-fi Rainbow Dash is awesome.

    Have some art while I go convince a game company or six to start pumping out pony games in various genres.

    Source 1
    Rainbow Dash Born in Concrete

  • Story Updates - December 17th

    Story updates! Now go read!

  • Wave 6 Blind Bags Popping Up at Various Wal-Marts

    It looks like the 6th blindbag pony wave is starting to invade Wal-marts around the USA.  Around two weeks ago we had someone report in with a set, but after a bit of digging around it sounded like a fluke! This is the 3rd box in our inbox so far since then, so I think we can officially say they are now available outside the internet. 

    For images of all of the ponies, in this group, hit up our post from a few months ago.  

    As with all blindbag ponies, stores tend to be pretty random with stock. Be sure to call beforehand to make sure!

    Thanks to Andrew for the images.

  • Story: Stubborn as Ponies

    [Shipping] "ApplePie is rare. Almost as rare as the feeling of pleasure I had reading this story." - Plot Device

    Author: Esle Ynopemos
    Description: A pony is called stubborn when they refuse to change their mind no matter the persuasion against them. A pony is called persistent in hindsight when their refusal turns out to be a wise decision. "Persistence" is nothing more than what they call stubbornness when it turns out to have been for the best all along.

    Pinkie Pie and Applejack may or may not be persistent, but they are most definitely stubborn.

    Stubborn as Ponies

    Additional Tags: Too stubborn not to love
  • The Legend of Cadence: Crystal Heart

    You guys need to stop these Zelda crossovers, I'm going to end up with a Wii-U and Skyward Sword by the end of the week at this rate.   If only it wasn't all motion controlly...

    Anyway, someone has Zeldafied the Crystal Empire as you can see from the image above.  Check it out below the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #528

    Cheeselegs edition, because I just realized her fangs make her cuter, not scarier. 

    Have some roundup!