• Nightly Roundup #528

    Cheeselegs edition, because I just realized her fangs make her cuter, not scarier. 

    Have some roundup!




    And then everyone got tattoos!

    MLP Comics Available on Australian iTunes

    Or at least they apparently were! Check the store if you are over there and want them!

    Silly Filly Studios Sugar Rush Design Contest

    Hello all! So, SillyFillyStudios, in the midst of working on Snowdrop and just being the complete random people we are, have thought up something fun. Are you interested in having your OC make a cameo appearance in Snowdrop? Or getting some fun recordings from our voice acting staff? Or winning a potful of gold?!

    ...Yeah no to the last one, we don’t have gold.

    But, there are two things a good deal of our group has been talking about as of late. Ponies, and Wreck-it-Ralph. Obsessed with both, as all good people are. And that’s when we thought up something quite fun to have as a little art contest.The quest: Create the SillyFillyStudios OC’s as Sugar Rush pony drivers! (Because we are that random, because Sugar Rush is awesome, and because poni.)

    Please see the link below for details on entering the contest, the rules, and prizes. We wish you luck in becoming Snowdrop's version of a Derpy! :) (Crossed eyes optional.)


    Canadian Netflix Stocks Pony

    Canada apparently has access to pony episodes on Netflix now! Go check it if you sub !


    Ponyville Roundup episode 14

    "Hurray we finally see a bit more on the Wonderbolts."

    Amethyst Glittershine's FiM Make-Up Blog - Fleur De Lis

    Want to deck yourself out like Fleur? Or other ponies? Check out this new series here to do it!

    Brony Bookclub 17 - Trixie!

    This week we had on CoconutSwallow, author of Hostile Takeover, to talk about The Great and Powerful Trixie! We had fun talking about the character and how she can be written, I threw down a gauntlet that I hope many will pick up, Sam and Coconut discovered common ground, and I ruined any credibility I managed to cobble together. You can listen to the episode here (http://youtu.be/NxYl_AVgBWg) and email us with comments, questions, concerns, or criticism at [email protected]

    Cantercast Weekly #1

    This week, the crew from Cantercast Weekly (one of the official podcasts of canterlot.net) had interviews with guests, Sonicsuns and Sithking Zero from Pony in a Box! We talk about their Daring Do Adventures, Doctor Whooves Adventures, as well as other future projections that they have going on. We also discussed the news going around the brony community.

    Come join us every Sunday at 9pm EST for Cantercast Weekly and every Monday through Friday at 11am EST for the new Cantercast Daily! Come to canterlot.net for news and community fun.

    Cantercast Weekly #01

    The Brony Show Episode 79 -- Art Demonstration by Blankedmind

    Hi, everypony! School’s out, and we’re gonna party to celebrate! Come on by for your daily dose of pony in a conveniently packaged pill form! We’ll start with the preshow at 5:00 EST/8:00 PST with the preshow, so come by for some fanfiction reading.

    Then our very own Blankedmind will be doing an art demonstration in lieu of an interview. He’ll be doing so artsy-drawfriend stuff while taking questions from the audience! It’s a rare opportunity to watch the master at work, so come by and bring your notebooks (just when you thought you were done studying...) Speaking of art, we’re also running a contest! With prizes! The theme is “Crystalize 'The Brony Show'”. All you need to do is draw the hosts of the Brony Show in Crystal form. We'll each pick our favorite of the submissions and the winners will get a copy of the latest Humble Bundle! Submit your art to [email protected]

    After the interview, stick around for awesome PMVs, media and other random shenanigans. And speaking of which, be sure to stay for Crimson’s Afterparty, for random hijinks and a Let’s Play.

    Be sure to check out our previous episodes on Youtube, and on our Livestream and website. Find us on Steam to be notified about Let’s Plays and other random shenanigans we start!

    Check it out at www.thebronyshow.net or www.livestream.com/thebronyshow
    It all starts at 5:00 PCT/8:00 EST Can't wait to see you there!

    Bluescreen Bronies #12

    Hey Folks, Episode 12 is live and missing a little bit of Draco, never the less Vyraal and Dpad powered through and were able to cover the top stories:

    Glados in a movie?
    The pathetic console that is the Wii Mini
    Baldur's Gate 3 almost happened apparently
    Gameloft Bashing Bronies (say that 5 times fast)
    and more!Tune in here, http://youtu.be/gPXzgrvbkfg, and just a friendly reminder about our upcoming charity stream on saturday the 29th.

    Remember to help Kiki's Fund: http://www.giveforward.com/supportkikiscancerfund Send all questions/suggestions/

    complaints about Vyraal to [email protected]


    Successful Meetups

    Arkansas Meetup

    So this December 15th, Arkansas Bronies had yet another meet-up. The big news? Well, it's two-fold!

    First, we raised $140 for Andrea Libman's "Ride to Conquer Cancer" charity.
    Second, we had a marriage proposal at the meet-up! And she DID say yes! Congratulations to Brandon Petty and Bethany Lowery! (Now if that doesn't make EQD, nothing will!) 
    DC Meetup

    The DC Bronies celebrated Hearth's Warming Eve this year with a massive 100-pony meetup.  We even had some of our friends from NYC Bronies come down and join us!  We had a gift exchange complete with official merch, custom artwork and crafts from our resident artists, and silliness like Unicorn Meat.  Then the sounds of Kenny Loggins filled the airwaves as we used Danger Zone to lead into this week's episode viewing.  But the centerpiece of this week's meetup was the live production of the Hearth's Warming Eve Pageant from Season 2 Episode 13.  Fourteen of our members came together a couple months back to script, produce and perform the pageant live with full costumes, props and A/V.  We had such an amazing time working on the project and the result made everyone in the crowd laugh and smile.  Stay tuned for a very special holiday "card" from the DC Bronies to all of you out there.

    Buenos Aires Meetup

    On the fifteenth day of December, local bronies from Buenos Aires and neighboring areas met up at Parque Rivadavia.
    The goal was to gather as much milk as possible. There were also raffles, live music and the fun and cheerfulness that comes with hanging out with friends.
    In the end, I myself, was surprised at the whooping estimated of 450 liters (about 119 gallons) which were taken to parochial shelter that helps feeding kids in hard pressed situations and their families.  Normally they get plenty of non perishable food, but they lack milk for the kids so we decided to help with that.

    Knoxville Meetup

    On December 16th about 25 of us enjoyed a meal and a white elephant gift exchange at the appropriately named, Silver Spoon Café in Knoxville, Tennessee, complete with Gak. The Café was very friendly, very well accommodating, and highly recommended. We then wandered aimlessly through West Town Mall for a few hours sharing the magic of friendship before finally parting ways. A few random brony encounters at Hot Topic and the food court allowed us to encourage new membership.

    Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/KnoxvilleBronies/

    We currently have 135 members, mostly members throughout East Tennessee, and a few members outside the East Tennessee region, and we encourage everypony to join the herd.