• Discussion: The Ultimate Duet! Which Ponies should Pair Up and Sing?

    Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy got to show off their vocal abilities in "Find a Pet", and Spike and Twilight teamed up for "I wasn't prepared".  Who else should collaborate and bust out a new duet song for us to remix the hell out of?

    Have a scenario:
    It is season six, and Hasbro has given you another blank check.  Your task is to match two ponies (or any other talking beastie in Equestria) up, and give them a topic to sing about.  While the budget does allow for a background chorus, the actual song must focus on two characters specifically.

    Which two do you choose? What should they sing about?  And what genre would best fit the pair? Maybe Gilda should return and drop a rock ballad with Rainbow Dash about flight school?  Or perhaps Sombra and Chrysalis can team up for an epic new Disney-esque villian song? I'm sure we can figure something out with his limited speaking ability. 

    The choice is yours! Drop it in the comments below.