• Simple PMV: Slow Down // Livin' La Vida Pinkie // Dying - //

    Babs made Sweetie Belle cry! This is clearly unacceptable. We shall have some simple PMVs to cheer her up, because after yesterday I think she's taken the title of best CMC. If you disagree with me, you're wrong.

    We've got some Clyde Carson, some Ricky Martin, and some Kill The Noise.

    1) Slow Down PMV
    2) Livin' La Vida Pinkie
    3) [PMV] Dying - (Kill The Noise & Ultravoilet Sound)

  • Instrumental Music: Virgo de Crystallis / Smog / Legend of the Crystal Empire

    Ponies Drinking out of Straws
    We have a bit of instrumental music for you all this time around. Everything from rock and orchestral to something I couldn't place if I wanted to. Find them below!

    1.) My Little Pony Fan Music - Crystal Empire Saga - Virgo de Crystallis (Rock)
    2.) Seventh Element - Smog
    3.) Zykrath - Legend of the Crystal Empire (Orchestral)

  • Comic: Story of the Blanks Complete / Bullies / Our Dear Celestia / The Great and Powerful Countdown - 2 Parts

    We start this one off with the completion of the massive Story of the Blanks graphic novel, based on the flash game from Newgrounds that was posted almost a year ago.

    And following that, a bit of comedy, a bit of heart-tugging, and the weirdest Trixie ever, in two parts. Find the second one here.  Our fanon on her sure is vast! Click for full

  • Tumblr Spotlight: Under A Paper Moon / Ask Mafia Octavia / Ask Rainbow Pie

    It's Tumblr Spotlight time again my friends, and you know what that means! It's time to take another look at the Tumblr Pony universe and bring to you tumblrs we hope will cause you to chomp at the bit for more!

    Our first tumblr is relatively new, but boy is it a doozy! Following in the steps of other epic Luna tumblrs, Under a Paper Moon traces the amazing journey of Captain Luna, commander of the airship Corona Borealis. The mission of her and her crew: to explore the frigid northern reaches!

    With many familiar faces, a promising story, beautiful artwork and engaging dialogue, this tumblr has great potential and I look forward to seeing more of it!

    Under a Paper Moon - Current Page - First Page 

    Head on after the break for more tumblr fun and make sure to send me any suggestions at either calpain@equestriadaily.com or to my Twitter @CalpainEqD

  • Blast from the Past #15

    Hey there guys! I notice it has been just about two months since the last Blast from the Past feature and I figured it was just about time to get off my lazy flank and do another one, don't you agree? Today we've got a lovely mix of all sorts of old pieces of pony material for you, so lets dig in shall we? Check everything out after the break!

    As always with these features, I need your help to keep them going! If you have an old fic, video, music, comics, ect that are a year or more in age please send them to calpain@equestriadaily.com or to my Twitter @CalpainEqD 

  • More Babs Seed Music Remix: Babs Seed (Rare Diamonds Remix) / Babs Seed (Draewa Remix) / Babs Seed (Tombstone Remix)

    We can't hold all these seeds! Grab a few while we set up sandbags and layout plans for the Babs Seed Dam!

    1.) CMC - Babs Seed (Rare Diamonds Remix)
    2.) [MlP FiM Remix] Babs Seed - Draewa Remix
    3.) Babs Seed feat. MandoPony (The Living Tombstone's Remix)

  • PMV: Fighting for Equestria

    Pony battles: The PMV. Remember back when we thought Equestria was some peaceful utopia? that sure did change quick! I know I'd complain if my town was destroyed every couple of weeks.

    Anyway, have a PMV. Find it after the break.

  • Animation Storyboard: Lyra's Song

    It looks like we have an awesome new Lyra animation on the way. Right now it's just in a rough storyboard form, but based on what is available so far, I'm pretty excited for it.

    Did I ever tell you guys that I love our fanon obsessed-with-humans Lyra?  Never was into the Bonbon thing.

    Anyway check it out below the break!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #635

    Wow, we got completely flooded with art today.  I blame Sweetie Belle.  I'm still recovering from last night's heart attack, and then this happens.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
    Sweety Sweetie Belle
  • Andrea Libman Wins Best Voice!

    Good news for all of you following the UBCP/ACTRA Award ceremony up in Vancouver, It looks like Andrea Libman pulled it off and beat everyone for best voice! Cider for everyone!  Free of charge!

    You can find the full article here.

    Thanks to Dragmaister for the heads up!
  • Lyravator

    "Slide Princess Celestia to Unlock".  That needs to be modded into android, immediately. It's short and ridiculous, but you all love short and ridiculous right?  Now go!

  • "One Bad Apple": Episode Followup

    Ladies. Gents. That atrocious title card is your sign that Cereal is not with you today. No, he had an... incident... and I had no choice but to fill in for him. But that's life, you know? Always hitting you over the head when you least expect it...

    Anyway, on to the episode! Here we have the fourth episode of the season, titled "One Bad Apple," and it's our first Cutie Mark Crusaders episode! Apple Bloom's cousin, Babs Seed, comes into town, but she surprises the crusaders when she sides with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, of all ponies. Obviously, hilarity ensues.


  • Comic: Sombra's Revenge / Apple Family Float / Art of the Match / Orange you Glad / You've Done it Twi

    It might take a few seconds for the first one to sink in.  It's pretty funny when it does though!

    Have a bunch of comics.  Click for full. 

  • Babs Seed (Assertive Remix) / Babs Seed (Sub.Sound Remix) / Babs Seed (Dipi11 Remix)


    Babs Seed comes in swarms, find some electronic ones below.

    1.) Babs Seed (Assertive Remix)
    2.) Babs Seed (Remix)
    3.) Babs Seed (Remix) - Sub.Sound

  • Nightly Roundup #507

    It's a Twilight sort of night so have some of that adorkable little unicorn. Yeah, the news is even later tonight because I was working on a Blast from the Past article. The pony never ends, eh?

    Anyhow, the news is here now so check it out after the break!

  • Sweetie Belle is best Pony

    Actually, this entire scene was too much.  Heart attacks and diabetes for everyone!

    Have some short animation that got lost today too:

    Click it!

  • Music of the Day #29

    Our inbox is overflowing with Babs Seed remixes.  Expect a bunch of those tomorrow.

    Have some random music until then!