• Nightly Roundup #507

    It's a Twilight sort of night so have some of that adorkable little unicorn. Yeah, the news is even later tonight because I was working on a Blast from the Past article. The pony never ends, eh?

    Anyhow, the news is here now so check it out after the break!

    Christmas Lightshow

    With Thanksgiving over, Christmas lights have started to appear everywhere! Heck I know a neighbor that would put the Griswold's to shame. With the coming of Christmas lights comes lightshows programmed to pony music. Check the one up above!

    Time to Dance!

    Remember the dance thread Seth made a little while ago? Well, some awesome brony compiled all the gifs together into a video set to music. I originally suggested posting dancing ponies to Seth that day... I didn't know he'd actually go through with it!

    One Bad Apple Rhyme

    I could never do more than simple rhymes so when you guys turn out these really elaborate, multipage pieces my mind is completely blown. To check out One Bad Apple told completely in rhyme check below.


    A Bad Note Animation Needs Help

    Me and a few others are putting together a team to create a fan-made episode of MLP called "A Bad Note" featuring Octavia and Vinyl. We need help spreading the word to gather people who are willing to help! So it would be very appreciated if you could help. Here's the promo I made for it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOtnxNLuTvA&feature=plcp Thank you.

    Pony Artist Taking OC Requests

    An artist on dA who is trying to pin down his style is currently asking for people to send him OC requests so he can get in the practice he needs. If you're interested, check out his page below!

    dA Page

    Giant World of Tanks Pony Mod

    Now who wouldn't want to spread death and destruction with a tank like that? She only wants to use her friendship cannon on you! A huge mod pack for World of Tanks has come out that you can check out the link below for more details.

    Article Link

    Rainbow Dash Graffiti


    MLP Forums Children's Hospital Fundraiser

    Copy Paste:

    Last year, MLP Forums organized a charity fundraiser for BC Children's Hospital entitled "Making Christmas Merrier". The turnout was $400 CAD, a custom-designed greeting card, and a copy of Sonic Colours for the Wii. Now, one year later, the time has come for us to once again come together for the sake of raising money for the needy children over in Vancouver. It is our aim to double - at the very least - last year's sum. If you would like to donate, sign in or register for an account on the forums and go here.



    I am pleased to announce the return of the popular True Equestria Radio, a Pony Parody Podcast Program where ponies are discussed, the host gets trolled, and hilarity ensues.

    The half-hour show will return tonight at 11:30 EST. You can tune in HERE and can call in to the host from the skype link on the show page, or at (714) 888-7471. You can also join the chat on Canternet (irc.canternet.org) in the TER channel and tweet the host at @TrueEquestria. Expect ANOTHER episode tomorrow night at around midnight!

    Las Pegacast

    Another episode of the 'Las Pegacast' pony podcast


    Successful Meetups

    Toronto Meetup

    We had a Brony meet today at Yonge and Dundas square in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and we had about 40 attendees in all (33 who were in the group shot)


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Celestia's Spartans

    We're a Halo brony clan and we're having our first Halo 4 meetup this Saturday. We aren't too big and we're pretty laid back. We would love to have you. If you want to join, here is the link to our website: celestiasspartans.enjin.com. Hope to see you there!
    Canternet turns 1 year old!

    Canternet, an IRC network devoted to ponies, turns 1 year old today! Through the highs and the lows, Canternet has been there to deliver a network for pony discussion with hundreds of simultaneous users. We have channels for everything from newest episode discussions, to RP, to streaming radio chats! Check us out at http://canternet.org/ or click on the "Ponychats IRC" button on the right bar!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Altered Magic Card - Chrysalis