• Blast from the Past #15

    Hey there guys! I notice it has been just about two months since the last Blast from the Past feature and I figured it was just about time to get off my lazy flank and do another one, don't you agree? Today we've got a lovely mix of all sorts of old pieces of pony material for you, so lets dig in shall we? Check everything out after the break!

    As always with these features, I need your help to keep them going! If you have an old fic, video, music, comics, ect that are a year or more in age please send them to [email protected] or to my Twitter @CalpainEqD 

    Fluttershy's 20% Cooler Version - Fireflies Parody

    Coming to us from June 2011 is probably one of the best early parody covers which helped us kick off the first great summer of pony. Since then there have been many pony based covers of songs, but this one still sticks out. Besides, who can resist a song about Fluttershy?

    MLP:FIM Fanfic

    Before the age of elaborate pony animations we only had the occasional original pony based movie popping up every few months. One of the first quality ones was the one above released on Youtube in June 2011 to much fanfare! Of note in this video is the emergence of the new depiction of a Solar Empire and a Lunar Republic which was in its infancy at the time. It's still pretty epic so check it out above!

    My Little Bloopers

    As the first season of MLP started to come to a close, an interesting and educational series of videos began to pop up detailing the animation errors and bloopers that can be found in the show if you have a quick eye. This series, which debuted in April 2011 and has continued since, providing a fun little look into our favorite show! Check out episode 1 above and the playlist link below.


    Hero (PMV)

    PMVs have always been the bread and butter of the fandom, but they take a special finesse: a perfect combination of song, scenes, and lip syncing. When you get them right you end with something that makes you feel, wonder, and fill you with motivation and ambition! This little PMV that came to us in  June 2011 serves as an example of epic music combined perfectly with pony and was another shining example of the epicness that was the First Summer of Pony.

    The Stars Will Aid in Her Escape

    Not only can a PMV be used to make us feel, but it can be used to tell or retell a story when combined with pony images. One of these creations that knocks it out of the park is a little PMV that comes to us from November 2011. Combined with incredible editing, a phenomenal music, and an excellent choice of scenes, it is something you should not pass up!

    Blast from the Past - Drawfriend

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    This Day in Pony History - Nov. 25th 2011

    A year ago today, Notch made a small mention on his Twitter account about ponies that sparked off a frenzy that he himself may be a fan! Check out the original article below.

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