• "One Bad Apple": Episode Followup

    Ladies. Gents. That atrocious title card is your sign that Cereal is not with you today. No, he had an... incident... and I had no choice but to fill in for him. But that's life, you know? Always hitting you over the head when you least expect it...

    Anyway, on to the episode! Here we have the fourth episode of the season, titled "One Bad Apple," and it's our first Cutie Mark Crusaders episode! Apple Bloom's cousin, Babs Seed, comes into town, but she surprises the crusaders when she sides with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, of all ponies. Obviously, hilarity ensues.


    Swa- Wait no that's a terrible start! I mean, uh, this sudden care for her appearance is an interesting development for Apple Bloom. Maybe it's just because Babs is from the city? Who knows!

    That's some kind of excitement you got going on there, Scoots.

    Now this was pretty cool to see! Sweetie is actually starting to use her magic. That's not the only development, though. Scootaloo does quite a bit of extended hovering this episode. We're seeing some actual growth for the CMC, which is awesome. I can only hope they keep this up and show some more stuff from them in the future.


    Enter Babs Seed. I have to say, this little subconcious cutie mark covering she does is super cute, and it's a recurring thing throughout the episode. She even does it in the "safety" of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon! It's probably my favorite thing about her.

    I need one of these installed in my house.






    As you can imagine, I love this song very much. It's super catchy and super cute, and I found myself listening to it on repeat. A lot. It's just so fun to listen to and the singing work is so well done. As usual, Mr. Ingram has made something really awesome. I can't wait to hear all the remixes! (Also, protip, it would seam excellently with "Sugar Rush" from Wreck-It Ralph. Musicians, get on it!)


    Last picture about the song, I promise! This little allusion here to The Three Little Pigs is fantastic. The person who brought this up, Captain64, good eye! Small but very nice addition to the song.

    No, Sweetie, don't cry! I'm done talking about the song now! 

    And now we know where Sweetie Belle lives; a cozy little house just down the hill from Ponyville. It's not such a bad trip to the boutique, I suppose!

    Sweetie Crank? Blitz Belle? See, I'm taking Sweetie Bot and crossing it with LoL and... Meh, nevermind.

    Building montages are the best, right next to training montages!

    Oh hey there, you two.

    Oh hey, it's best pony! Right there! No, not Pinkie, but she's good too. On the right! Far right! No, not Spike, silly. Twilight! Best pony! Yay!

    That was some good thinking right there.

    Welp. That's bound to happen when you don't know anything about who you're dealing with. If only they just listened to Sweetie's advice...

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. Pause the followup for a second. What? Doctor, you HATE pears. Why are you dressed up as a pear? Is this a message? A sign? Is it... an impostor? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

    Dat... well, you know.

    So, taking a pause in this race to stop the booby trapped float (because that happened), what's up with the pedals? Is that... just how they are in Equestria? Accelerate on the left and brake on the right? I guess I'll have to remember that whenever the portal gets working. Lazy Cereal.


    "Oh, why does life have to be so ironic?!"

    This right here? Probably one of the best lines to come from Sweetie Belle, this season, and maybe the entire show. I'm not sure yet, but it is freaking funny - and truthful. I put it right up there next to "I want a flugelhorn!"

    This list is reaching Twilight levels.

    Yay, everyone made up and they're friends again! All it took was a vengeance plan, a high speed chase and a little bit of understanding. Did I mention the high speed chase? Oh, and...

    Yeah, the main antagonists got what was coming to them.

    We don't expect you to know their crazy lingo, AJ. It's okay.

    And that's a wrap!

    Oh, I hear some noise coming from the close- er, infirmiry. Yeah, we have one of those, you know? For when people like Cereal have accidents. I, uh, should probably go check on him and see if he's feeling better. Before I go, have "One Bad Apple in a Nutshell."

    And here we have a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot of Sparkler dressed as... Strawberry Shortcake? Neat little nod! Thanks for finding it, Xeno-Scorpion-Alien.