• Music of the Day #25

    These crazy musicians and their swarms of music! We have quite the mix this time around, with vocals and remixes beating instrumental in numbers for once! Find them below.

  • Nightly Roundup #499

    Yeah, yeah. It's a little earlier tonight, like it was last night. You guys like to sleep right? Anyway, have some Luna tonight as I couldn't shake how beautiful the crescent moon was tonight. Luna really is a great mascot for the Roundup, eh?

    Time for news! Check after the break for more!

  • New Game *Almost* On the Hub - My Little Majong

    It looks like this My Little Mahjong is slowly being added to Hubworld.com.  Right now all we see is a spinning loading screen.  If it's actual Mahjong though, I'm pretty sure a good fraction of us are going to be completely addicted for a while!  Mahjong is dangerous!

    Hopefully it's ready soon!  You can find the page here.

    Thanks to Floof_Cat for the heads up.
  • Welovefine Adds Unicorn Horn with Rarity Shirts

    It looks like those of you planning to purchase a few of Welovefine's Rarity shirts in the future have a bit of a bonus in store.  The unicorn horn up above is included with any of the following:

    Rarity Pop Art, Rarity's Boutique, Magnificent Rarity, Rarity Cutie Mark and Rarity It Is On

    It doesn't look like any kind of money amount is required, the horn is just straight up included this time around!

    Images of all the shirts can be found after the below.

  • Story: The Keepers of Discord

    [Sad][Slice of Life]

    Author: Hoopy McGee
    Description: You'd think that being trapped in stone would mean that, if nothing else, I could get some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, it seems that Celestia has other ideas.

    She has appointed these ponies... these 'Keepers', as she calls them, to keep me entertained during my incarceration.

    Honestly? I'd prefer the boredom.
    The Keepers of Discord

    Additional Tags: Discord, Sad, Love and Loss
  • Comic: Corruption / The Fangirls / Sombra is Annoying / Mysteries of Equestria

    Check description for more pages
    We have a multi-part sombra/discord backstory comic to start us off, followed by Twilight Sparkle in a pith helmet, more Sombra, and a Choose your own adventure starter. Click for full!

  • Story: The Dancer (Update Part 7!)


    Author: Yipyapper
    Description: Octavia's creativity pays off one day during a concert, where a special piece she adds as a finale brings out a new fan. But the fan appears out of nowhere, and no pony else seems to notice her but Octavia.

    And all she does is dance.
    The Dancer (New Part 6!)

    Additional Tags: Deducing Dignified Dancer's Daily Dance
  • Possible Canterlot art from Almost a Year Ago!

    Artist Phil Caesar posted a whole pile of backgrounds up on his blog almost a year ago.   They appear to be as far back as November 2010 in post date

    The cool part?  Some are completely un-aired Canterlot images, similar in art style to Trixie's image from a while back.  I don't know if these are from Season three, or were a part of an episode that just never went up, but they are definitely exploring a part of Canterlot that we have yet to see. 

    I'm sure you all all agree once you see them, that these need an episode! Head on down past the break to check both out and avoid any spoilers.

    Thanks to Ace Reporter Whatshisgame for the heads up!

    Note: Some are confused on where Canterlot came from.  If you visit the actual blog post, the black and white versions read: "Canterlot Alley" and "Curio2"

  • Meghan McCarthy Interviewed on JustUs Geeks

    The interviews just keep flooding in lately! This time around we have a new one with Meghan McCarthy over on JustUs Geeks.   Everything from her favorite episode to the story of why she decided to become a writer in the first place is included!  Head on over here for part one, and here for part two!

  • TV Guide "Which TV Show has the Best Fans" Poll

    Time to win another one of these poll things!  TV Guide has tossed up a "Best Fans" poll, with Friendship is Magic as one of the options.  They even included Rainbow Dash, who always wins.  Will you let Rainbow Dash lose? I think not. 

    The contenders are pretty epic this time around, with everyone from Doctor Who to Lost aiming for the top. 

    Now get over there and make Dash win!

  • Story Updates November 15 (Afternoon)

    Stories and updates! You need your Chrysalis fix, and she wont be around for another few weeks in the comics, so go get it!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #625

    Daring Do edition! I wonder if she will ever make an appearance in season 3?

    Have some art !

    Source 1
    Daring Do and The Mysterious Mirror
  • iTunes Moves to "Volumes", Pony Prices Change

    For those of you that get your pony episodes off iTunes, it looks like some pretty heavy modifications have gone into action over there.  Friendship is Magic is now listed in 13 episode "Volumes", 1-2 being season one, 3-4 being season two, and the fifth being season three. 

    While this may be good for those of you that only want specific sections of a season, the price has gone up overall.  If you were to purchase all of season two (which was 49.99 in HD) for example, you could expect to pay an extra 10 dollars than you previously would at the new price of 30 per half. 

    It also seems to have the negative side effect for some people of completely axing season one from their purchases.  Hopefully that will be fixed soon! Season two can still be found in the "purchased" tab, though they appear to be considered separate from the actual store page. 

    It's kind of a mess to say the least! 
  • Comic: Special Treatment / We've Been Trhough This Already / Don't Mind Me / Rounded to the Nearest Mega-Fonzie

    Comics, references you have probably never heard of, and the works.  Click for full as always!

  • Instrumental Music: Twistrike / Unexplored Worlds / in the ice mirror, remember?

    We haven't had a purely instrumental post in a while. Genres can be found next to their respective tracks below!

    1.) ArtAttack - Twistrike (Electronic/Samples)
    2.) DasDeer - Unexplored Worlds (Orchestral)
    3.) sci - in the ice mirror, remember? [from Soft Spectrum] (Trippy Chillout)

  • Animation: Go

    The creator of the Firestarter Spitfire tumblr has released a new animation that is apparently related to that earlier animation we posted a while back.  Obviously Spitfire needs more air time, so this can only be a good thing! Find it here.
  • Daniel Ingram Interviewed on About.com

    It looks like Daniel has been hit with yet another interview, this time coming out of About.com.  For anyone looking to get into the music industry, this might be a good one to check out! Head on over here for it!
  • Music: Miles- dBPony (feat. EileMonty)

    We haven't tossed a nightly music post out in a while! Hope you are awake/not at school! 

    dBPony  has dropped yet another song, this time dedicated to Applebloom.  Technically it completes his CMC trifecta. I'd say that's a pretty reasonable way to start off!  Go check it out after the break!