• iTunes Moves to "Volumes", Pony Prices Change

    For those of you that get your pony episodes off iTunes, it looks like some pretty heavy modifications have gone into action over there.  Friendship is Magic is now listed in 13 episode "Volumes", 1-2 being season one, 3-4 being season two, and the fifth being season three. 

    While this may be good for those of you that only want specific sections of a season, the price has gone up overall.  If you were to purchase all of season two (which was 49.99 in HD) for example, you could expect to pay an extra 10 dollars than you previously would at the new price of 30 per half. 

    It also seems to have the negative side effect for some people of completely axing season one from their purchases.  Hopefully that will be fixed soon! Season two can still be found in the "purchased" tab, though they appear to be considered separate from the actual store page. 

    It's kind of a mess to say the least! 

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