• Story Updates November 15 (Afternoon)

    Stories and updates! You need your Chrysalis fix, and she wont be around for another few weeks in the comics, so go get it!

    Story: Of Skies Long Forgotten (Update Part 8!)


    Author: The 24th Pegasus
    Description: Everypony knows by heart the tale of Hearth's Warming Eve, where three pony tribes founded Equestria over a thousand years ago after being forced from their homes. What has been forgotten is the harrowing tale of the events the pegasi and their leader, Commander Hurricane, suffered through nearly twenty years prior. The pegasi hailed from far to the east, separated by vast oceans from the other races. But when war with the griffons threatened their existence, there was only one option they had left.
    Of Skies Long Forgotten

    Story: Termina's Final Twilight (Update Part 4!)

    [Crossover][Adventure][Grimdark] Twilight in Termina.  that has potential!

    Author: Foursword4
    Description: Twilight Sparkle finds herself in a new world after getting lost in the Everfree Forest. After befriending a young boy, she learns of a terrible calamity that will soon befall the world. Can she stop a merciless demon from destroying Termina, or will the world perish under hellfire?
    Termina's Final Twilight

    Story: Ordo ab Chao (Update Part 11!)

    [Sci-fi] [Dark]

    Author: Integral Archer
    Description: One hundred eighty years before the first Nightmare Moon incident, the United Republic of Equestria is ruled by two prevailing parties and simply switches hooves between them every few years, as the citizens get more impatient and indecisive.

    In the midst of the worst depression in Equestrian history, an egregious scandal befalls the United Party when the president of the country is found guilty at her trial following her impeachment—obliterating her and her party, and cementing any future victories of the Royal Party and their leader Princess Celestia.

    Out of apathy, the United Party chooses Disce Cordis as their new leader—a strange draconequus with a piercing stare, an odd accent, and who can't even pronounce his opponent's name properly. He appears innocuous and ineffectual enough; but as his campaign goes on and he starts to gain more popularity, his strange speech and manner makes the citizens of Equestria suspect that, perhaps, the welfare of the Union isn't what is first and foremost in his mind.
    Ordo ab Chao

    Story: Dungeons, Dragons, and a Little Friendship (Update Part 14!)

    [Crossover]  I want to play a campaign in Equestria too....

    Author: Lawrence Gander

    Description:After vanquishing a cruel tyrant, a group of seasoned adventurers find themselves within the world of My Little Pony. Can they find their way back home? Have they brought danger to Equestria with them? Read on to find out in this action/adventure tale.
    Dungeons, Dragons, and a Little Friendship

    Story: March to the Scaffold (Update Part 11!)


    Author: Foxy Kimchi
    Description: Chrysalis is brought to Canterlot to stand trial for her failed invasion. Thinking her fate is sealed, she is determined to be defiant to the very end. Loosely based on March to the Scaffold, the 4th movement of the musical piece Symphonie Fantastique by Hector Berlioz.
    March to the Scaffold





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