• Nightly Roundup #499

    Yeah, yeah. It's a little earlier tonight, like it was last night. You guys like to sleep right? Anyway, have some Luna tonight as I couldn't shake how beautiful the crescent moon was tonight. Luna really is a great mascot for the Roundup, eh?

    Time for news! Check after the break for more!

    MLP Game Review

    Another little review has popped up about the game everyone seems to be playing (except me because nothing I own loads it. Arg!) For those curious check it out at the link below.

    MLP Game Review

    Just a Little Picture for Us

    Some artwork sent our way by you guys. Thanks!

    Some More Ponies in Real Life

    If only ponies were actually real. Ultimate stress relievers? I think so!

    Minecraft Pixel Art

    Pixel art of ponies have certainly come a long ways. Check out this collection above!

    Random Insanity With A Brohoof

    Just watch for some randomness. I can never understand commercials, heh.

    Season 1 For Sale in Canada!

    After such a long wait, the citizens who brought us MLP can finally own season 1 on DVD! For our Canadian brethren who have waited so long, please check out the link below and buy your own copy of MLP Season 1 if you can!

    Amazon Link

    Ponibooru Film Night

    Copy Paste:

    Ponibooru Film Night
    We're bringing you another double billing this week, treating you to both some anime and some episodes of a cult TV programme. Our headliner is the visually stunning "Black Rock Shooter", a tale of friendship, distrust, and inexplicably large weapons. Well it is Japan...

    Our second half brings unto you two episodes of Animal Planet's "Lost Tapes", a series about cryptid encounters and the people that experienced them. Expect nonsensical ramblings of the highest order.

    Joining you for the film this week are:-
    Feral Socks
    Harlequin Jester

    We'll be streaming to you at: http://www.livestream.com/DeeperMadness from around 7pm EST/midnight GMT on Friday the 16th/Saturday the 17th of November. We hope you can make it!


    Band of Bronies Episode 4

    Too much Pinkie Pie in your system?
    Why now cool off with our Band of Bronies show?
    This week's special guest: Rummuel from Bronies for Good
    Saturday, 11.30am EST, only on Everypony Radio
    Canterlot Voice - Episode 16

    Copy Paste:

    Season 3 premiered? Yay!

    So, without a doubt, we have to include an episode discussion in this week's podcast, and who better to lead that discussion than BrainedBySaucepans, who'll be hosting the show with Nemmy, and joining them will be the honorable guest of the week, LovinMoonlight!

    The Chelis Show Episode 1

    Copy Paste:

    The Chelis Show Ep #1:

    First episode of this Brony videocast. This week, i introduce myself and what the show is about, news of the week with this weeks "C'mon Man!": a article about members of the fandom who Photoshop themselves with characters from the show as their girlfriends, My episode review of episodes one and two of the third season, my report on Equestria LA, a segment where i read a letter on how the community affected someone positively.



    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Ohio State University Group

    Copy Paste:

    Just wanting to put out some info about the Buckeye Brony Association, HQ'd at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH.  We're looking to get more people together in order to do Pony related events in and around campus.  To join, you have to be part of the Ohio State group on Facebook.  If you are not part of the Ohio State group, you can send an email to buckeyebrony@gmail.com, and we will keep you updated about the events we plan.  Hope to see everypony around!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Variety of MLP Customs
    Pony Wut Button Preorders

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