• Promo on Hubworld with Section of New Season Footage

    Hubworld looks to be dropping a short 15 second promo before their pony videos right now.  Included in the mix is a bunch of stuff we have already seen, along with a bit of Cutoe Mark Crusader stuff.  I'll leave it after the break for those that want to avoid spoilers! If you want to see the promo itself (though again, nothing new minus the image after the break) hit up this page and play a video!

  • Music of the Day #24

    I'd make Luna the mascot of these if she played an instrument.

    I'd make Luna the mascot of everything tbh.

    And the usual reminder: Please submit a genre with your music submits!

    Onward to music of the day, after the break.

  • Gameloft Game Completed... Kind of!

    Using the clock changing bug in the MLP game (Which seems fixed, on my device at least), someone has actually managed to collect all 150 Elements of Magic.  Unfortunately, it looks like a bit more is required!

    If your curious about this feat of incredible patience, head on down past the break!

    And in other news for those that have too much gold and too few gems, a good amount of the one-a-day balloon pop ponies can be accessed by turning your wifi off.  They will be purchasble with gold, though it's a pretty hefty sum.  I think Trixie cost me a good 17000 or so. 

    And in other other news, I still can't get Gameloft to link it's friend list to my game.  Sorry to everyone that added me!

  • Welovefine Season 3 Shirts, Jacket, and Mystery Item

    It looks like Welovefine has added a whole bunch of new shirts since we last reported on them, including a set of season 3 stuff to deck yourselves out in.

    That up there is totally a Sweetie Bot shirt too.  I think that's one of the few non-canon characters I like more than the canon one! 

    And in other news, they appear to be doing another one of those mystery product reveals on their Facebook Page with the following teaser:
    Get ready for more MYSTERY PONY fun, fans!

    Heads up, My Little Pony lovers! We have another all-new, all-cool, all-totally-PONY product that we are releasing later this week, and we cannot wait to reveal it to you! We think it's going to
    be a BIG hit with many of you... and you're going to want to pick one up for the holiday season!

    Until then, this image is the only hint that you're going to get.... thoughts? Ideas? Theories? Share this post & tell us in the comments!
    We got a Rainbow Dash backpack last time, I wonder what we will see this time? They seem to be expanding their pony stock to include a whole bunch of new stuff lately.

    Head on over to their main page for all the shirts, or find them after the break!

  • Random Merch: Board Game, Books, and Hair Stuff!

    Remember when Lyra was just a random background pony who sat funny?  It's awesome to see her hanging with the main cast on official merch.   Her colors deserve the attention!

    This board game was found in Sweden at a store called Kappahl.  No news on if it will be heading any other countries anytime soon!

    Onward to random merch!

  • Vocal/Remix Music: Stallion of Few Words / Flutterwonder (Sim Gretina Remix) / The Ballad of the Crystal Empire (Aftermath Remix)

    We start this one off with an acoustic Big Mac song, followed by some Flutterwonder electronic style, and a progressive house remix of the Ballad of the Crystal Empire. Find them below!
    1.) Stallion of Few Words (Big Macintosh Original MLP Music)
    2.) PinkiePieSwear - Flutterwonder (Sim Gretina Remix)
    3.) The Ballad of the Crystal Empire (Aftermath Remix) -

  • Tumblr Spotlight: Discorderly Conduct / Ask Princess Chrysalis / Ask King Sombra

    Hey again friendly folk, it's time for another edition of the Tumblr Spotlight! Sorry it has been so long since the last one, but things have been pretty nuts for me over the past month or so. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things! To kick start this swing, I've got a villian edition for you guys today that I hope you'll like.

    First off is a fan favorite that many of you have emailed to me over the past few months and I agree it deserves to be shown off! Discorderly Conduct is a masterfully done rendition of everyone's favorite Lord of Chaos, filled with wonderful artwork, great humor, and all around zaniness it's certainly one to check out. I can guarantee if you're a fan of Discord you're going to love this tumblr!

    Discorderly Conduct - Current Page - First Page 

    Make sure to check after the break for more tumblr action!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #624

    I can kinda relate after these drawfriends! So much art lately!

    Have some below the break.

    Source 1
    And thanks to  Chicmonster for the banner! 

  • Flash: Butt Stallion

    I know a bunch of you have probably played Borderlands, but for those that haven't, you probably won't get the joke!  Hit this up for a reference.

    Everyone else, hit it up below the break.

  • Friendship is Magic Season Premiere Dominates Ratings

    A Discovery press release has given a heads up on the success of Friendship is Magic and Littlest Pet Shop.  Each one broke network wide records, namely:


    Looks like any fear of Pony ending soon has been completely dispelled! Would you axe your best program? I think not!

    Find the release here
  • More Ponies at Pizza Hut

    I was going to save this for the roundup, but thats a pretty badass, and giant Derpy on that pizza box there.

    Once again Pizza Hut has tossed up some pony on their Facebook Page.  Find it here!

    We need to work out some kind of brony coupon with these guys or something for conventions!  That's one thing missing at a lot of them - Free Pizza!
  • Story Updates November 13 (Afternoon)

    Several pony views all at once.

    Have some story updates!

  • Comic: Panel Play / Delivery for Derpy H. / Do You Love Me?

    I've got to admit, when I say this in the premiere this weekend I did a double take and had to rewatch that scene to make sure I saw what I thought I saw! Oh ponies, you still manage to surprise me.

    Comics, you know the drill. Click for full!

  • Crystal Empire Background Music

    And once again we have something we haven't seen in quite a while!  The BGM for the Crystal Empire episodes was, as always, totally epic.  I think it was a wishbone episode when I was ~10 years old that taught me the importance of music in making a scene really "pop out", and this show does it amazingly well. 

    Anyway, I'll quick blabbering. Have a list:

    Legend of the Crystal Empire
    The Failure Song
    King Sombra's Return
    The Ballad of the Crystal Empire
    Restoration of the Crystal Empire
    The Success Song

    And just for the hell of it, have a Soundtrack petition! Maybe we can just get a CD of all of these some day. 
  • MLP Trading Cards - First and Second Print Changes

    Someone going by the name of Emmett has compiled a list of changes between the first and second MLP Trading card sets. It looks like there are way more than we originally realized.  Everything from tiny grammar fixes to complete text overhauls were included. 

    Head on over to his Google Doc to check it out!
  • Pony in a Box

    It's a pony, in a box.  Just click it. 
  • Jay Jay's Australia Tee Shirt Vote

    For all the Australians out there, it looks like tee shirt shop Jay Jay's is holding a vote for the best pony generation.   Considering it costs an arm and a leg to ship down there from the stores that carry the stuff up in the northern hemisphere, it might be a good idea to go support the FiM craze and give them something to make shirts for!

    Find the poll here.
  • Nightly Roundup #496

    Some Twilight Sparkle for you guys tonight because we all need a little sparkle in our lives every now and then, eh?

    Pony news coming your way after the break!