• Welovefine Season 3 Shirts, Jacket, and Mystery Item

    It looks like Welovefine has added a whole bunch of new shirts since we last reported on them, including a set of season 3 stuff to deck yourselves out in.

    That up there is totally a Sweetie Bot shirt too.  I think that's one of the few non-canon characters I like more than the canon one! 

    And in other news, they appear to be doing another one of those mystery product reveals on their Facebook Page with the following teaser:
    Get ready for more MYSTERY PONY fun, fans!

    Heads up, My Little Pony lovers! We have another all-new, all-cool, all-totally-PONY product that we are releasing later this week, and we cannot wait to reveal it to you! We think it's going to
    be a BIG hit with many of you... and you're going to want to pick one up for the holiday season!

    Until then, this image is the only hint that you're going to get.... thoughts? Ideas? Theories? Share this post & tell us in the comments!
    We got a Rainbow Dash backpack last time, I wonder what we will see this time? They seem to be expanding their pony stock to include a whole bunch of new stuff lately.

    Head on over to their main page for all the shirts, or find them after the break!

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