• Tumblr Spotlight: Discorderly Conduct / Ask Princess Chrysalis / Ask King Sombra

    Hey again friendly folk, it's time for another edition of the Tumblr Spotlight! Sorry it has been so long since the last one, but things have been pretty nuts for me over the past month or so. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things! To kick start this swing, I've got a villian edition for you guys today that I hope you'll like.

    First off is a fan favorite that many of you have emailed to me over the past few months and I agree it deserves to be shown off! Discorderly Conduct is a masterfully done rendition of everyone's favorite Lord of Chaos, filled with wonderful artwork, great humor, and all around zaniness it's certainly one to check out. I can guarantee if you're a fan of Discord you're going to love this tumblr!

    Discorderly Conduct - Current Page - First Page 

    Make sure to check after the break for more tumblr action!

    Our next tumblr up for some love is an incredibly cute Chrysalis Ask Blog called Ask Princess Chrysalis. Following in the vein of giving villains a sympathetic back story, Ask Princess Chrysalis tells the tale of a young filly Chrysalis that wants nothing more than to rule Equestria so that all changelings can live loved and happy lives. The artwork is cute and you really do feel sympathy towards little Chrysalis as she makes her way through what I believe to be a wonderfully done story arc. If you're a Chrysalis fan or just like seeing characters from another angle I highly recommend this little tumblr!

    Ask Princess Chrysalis - Current Page - First Page

    Last, but not least, I present to you a Sombra tumblr that while still really new is off to an amazingly promising start. Featuring the enigmatic Sombra as it's star, the tumblr puts an interesting and quite often funny twist on the show's newest villain! Looking for an interesting take on our smoggy dark lord? Look no further and check out the links below!

    Ask King Sombra - Current Page - First Page