• Nightly Roundup #496

    Some Twilight Sparkle for you guys tonight because we all need a little sparkle in our lives every now and then, eh?

    Pony news coming your way after the break!

    Baltimore Paper Reports on BronyCon

    Looks like we're not the only ones paying attention to pony conventions. The Baltimore Fishbowl has recently picked up on the fact that a surge of pony is headed their way and they welcome it with open arms! Take a look at the short article at the link below.

    Article Link

    MLP:FiM Blind Readings Episode 4

    Some more blind reading craziness headed your way tonight guys!

    Animators Needed for Shipping and Handling

    The audioplay of Shipping and Handling is in need of some help! Check out the details below.
    The Shipping and Handling; Audio Play is in need of someone to animate a simple 10 second clip that will go in the video version of the Audio Play.
    Characters that will be animated:
    Pinkie Pie
    Blue Bolt http://fav.me/d4v5lxr (Director of the Audio Play)

    What we are looking for in an animator is the ability to:
    Create synching with the audio
    Ability to make ponies move smoothly
    Ability to make Pinkie Pie do a cannon ball off the screen (and have dust arise from the side)

    For more information or if you wish to apply, please contact Silentmatten at: [email protected]
    Shipping and Handling; Audio Play is a non-profit production and cannot give monetary supply for any work done, the most we can offer is experience and credit towards those who work on the animation.

    Now For Your Daily Recommended Serving of Cake

    Some Lauren Faust Awesomeness

    Lauren did this wonderful drawing for an MLP fan! Great work Lauren!

    A New Sidescroller Pony Game!

    I remember back when Story of the Blanks used to be the only real game in town! It's amazing seeing how much has changed since then. Check above for a sneak peek and give the author your critiques and encouragement!

    Now for Some Randomness

    Crystal Empire and Sailor Moon Comparison

    An interesting article has popped up comparing Sailor Moon's Crystal Tokyo to the Crystal Empire premiere episodes. They make some interesting points and it's a relatively fun read! Who knows, pony has referenced a lot of stuff in the past. Check out the article below and decide for yourself.

    Article Link

    Potential Pony Clothing in Australia?

    A prominent clothing chain in Australia called Jay Jay's has recently opened a little poll on their Facebook page asking which generation of MLP (old school or new school) their readers like best. It would be nice to get some MLP:FiM merchandise over there for our Australia friends so leave a comment if you can!

    Facebook Link


    Pony 411 - Episode 13

    Here we are. Season 3 has finally premiered. We talk all about The Crystal Empire: what we liked, didn't like, and how it compares to other episodes. We also discuss the story arc that seems to have been established, and where we think it's going.

    We also make a brief mention of the episode 6 synopsis and talk a little about the two season 3 commercials that aired. Alas, the usual quick hits and fan content are absent this week. But our usual format will return next week, bringing along a discussion of episode 3 and a review of the Gameloft MLP game.

    Grab it off of iTunes or directly from Libsyn.

    You can also find it on Youtube:

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    Episode 9: Do You Like mmmSka Music?


    Copy Paste: 


    Hey Everypony!
    Get your dancing horseshoes on, because this week we interview brony ska musician, Jesse Carlson. We talk music, ska styles, covers, and of course, ponies. We also have Norman and Dan from MBS back for the panel with ValkyrieKnightX7, RionZT, Dizzy Kitty and Moo.
    Anything else? Oh yeah, SEASON THREE PREMIERE!!!

    Episode 9: Do You Like mmmSka Music?


    Successful Meetups

    Birthday Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Due to a lack of good weather, the South-hesse-castle-tour-weddin
    g-chrushers temporary switched to birthdays and garages, and met at the 10.11.12 (dd/mm/yy) to celebrate the birthday of one of it's members (the guy in the lower left side of the group, with the crown) and the opening of the new Season.
    Philly Bronies Season 3 Premiere

    Copy Paste:

    The Philadelphia Bronies had a season 3 premiere party at Drexel University in Philadelphia on November 10th. We had a lot of food including spring rolls, eggnog cookies, a cake, pony gummies, and sparkling apple cider. While waiting for the 1080p versions of the premiere episodes to download, we watched a few other episodes and were treated to some chiptunes made by one of our members. We also had games for various prizes as well as a raffle. Before the end of the party, many of us traded each other for various pony merch. After the party, some of us went to the local movie theater to see Wreck-It Ralph.

    DC Bronies Season 3 Viewing Party

    Copy Paste:

    The DC Bronies got up bright and early Saturday morning to have the second of our "anytime-Hasbro-decides-to-do-
    2-parters" live viewing parties.  Nearly 75 people gathered at Twilight Spark-lay's house to watch the premiere live.  Sorry Twilight, but uh, we're gonna need a bigger house next time!  We had a sparkling cider toast, party favors including the new crystal blind bags and rock candy, and Dan, our resident chef, even made us an amazing lunch!  Of course there was cake, with rock candy sprinkles on top, a raffle of all the latest merch, and while Rodrigo of the NYC Bronies usually gets the prize for traveling the furthest to one of our meets, this time around that went to Forest Rain who came all the way down from Ontario.  Oh yeah, and Gak happened.
    What's next for DC Bronies?  
    Dec 1 - How about some quality brushie-brushie time with your favorite pony?  That's right, bring you bobby pins, tiny toy combs, straws and of course brushable pony and learn how to fix that horrible, horrible fashion faux-pas called package hair.  
    Dec 15 - Not willing to go all girly in pursuit of pony?  That's ok, because we have a really big, really special Hearth's Warming Eve meetup on Dec 15th.  We'll have a gift exchange, depending on the release schedule an episode viewing and a super special big secret plan that I can't talk about just yet...but it'll be awesome.  So come join us and discover the hospitality of the DC Bronies for yourself!

    San Luis Potosi Meetup


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Gary's Mod Steam Group

    Copy Paste:

    Do you like My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic?  What about Garry's Mod?  If you answered yes for both of these, then this group is for you!
    The Bronies of Garry's Mod is a great group run by yours truly.  We currently have 9 members, and are always looking for more!  We're even working on a dedicated server!
    Here's the link to the group:
    Warrington, UK Meetup Seeks More!

    Copy Paste:

    Details :
    • MLP-a-thon (episodes from s1,2 and 3)
    • food and drink available (bar available for the older brony)
    • merchandise sale (transfers, oc artwork, keyrings, posters ect...)
    • a disco to make vinyl proud (mlp related music aswell as a few classics)
    • a skype conference call with some .. maybe well known musicians in the community with Q&A session
    • games and fun activities
    • mlp quiz (test your brony rating)
    more things to come...
    the venue is uncertain yet as we want to get a rough estimate of the attendees before we book a massively oversized function room 
    the date should stick unless we can get something booked for December time (unlikely) or we get delayed for some unforeseen reason (derpageddon maybe :) )
    Event Details:
    DATE: 13th of January 2013
    TIME: 2:00 till 7:00 (could change as we get closer to the event) 

    Knoxville Bronies / East Tennessee Bronies

    We are trying to find any stray ponies in our area that do not have a home. We regularly offer episode viewings at various climate controlled stables. Knoxville Bronies extends to much of the East Tennessee area and beyond, so feel free to join both local herds, so you can keep up to date with all our events. Mares, Stallions, fillies, and colts are all welcome. (Branding is optional)
    You can find both groups on Facebook:


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Cthulu Ponies (1, 2)
    MLP Themed Cloth Diapers
    King Sombra Blindbag