• Music of the Day #20

    Keep on musicin~

    We have 13 tracks this time around from various genres and the like.  Hope you guys have some listening time!

  • Possible Season 4 Official Confirmation in DHX Investor Relations Documents

    I'm pretty sure it's no secret or even a slight mystery that there will be way more pony after season three.   Friendship is Magic is one of the most popular shows on The Hub, and My Little Pony is an icon at Hasbro.  With the incredible success of the current Generation 4, we probably won't see an end anytime soon. 

    Enigma Sage dug through some of the DHX investor relations documents to see if anything pony related was mentioned, and it looks like we have a bit of season 4 buried in the fine print.  More specifically the line found below:

    For Q4 2012, the Company earned $6.71 million for producer and service fee revenues, 
    an increase of 67% versus the $4.02 million for Q4 2011, which marks the 4th consecutive quarter of growth in this category when 
    compared to the same quarter for Fiscal 2011. DHX Vancouver earned $3.19 million, an increase of 61% (Q4 2011-$1.98 
    million), and DHX Wildbrain earned $3.52 million, an increase of 73%, for Q4 2012 (Q4 2011-$2.04 million). For Q4 2012, the 
    breakdown for major projects over $0.10 million for DHX Vancouver was $1.63 million for My Little Pony Seasons 2-4, $0.91 
    million for Little Pet Shop Season I, and $0.65 million for Pound Puppies Seasons 1-3. For Q4 2012, the breakdown for major 
    projects over $0.10 million for DHX Wildbrain was $0.60 million for Monster High Season 13, $1.45 million for Oki’s Oasis
    Season 1, and $1.39 million for How to Train Your Dragon Season 1 which, as previously disclosed, wraps up the Company’s 
    involvement in this series.

    While its not a complete 100% confirmation, I can't imagine what else DHX would be signed for that includes "My Little Pony" and "Season 2-4" in the mix.  So unless FiM combines with another show, converts into a new generation altogether, or Hasbro is hit with a meteor from space, we will probably see a season 4 eventually. 

  • Spotlight Music: A Part of Me / Remember How (we met in Fillydelphia) / Equestria's Finest

    I wonder what pony would be like without Spike? I think he really does provide a pretty great base for Twilight Sparkle's OCD.

    Have a vocal song dedicated to that, and two instrumental tracks below!

    1.) A Part of Me (Feat. Megaphoric) {Original Song} [Twilight and Spike]
    2.) Yourenigma - Tavi and Scratch - Remember How (we met in Fillydelphia) (Electroswing)
    3.) Neighsayer - Equestria's Finest (Soft)

  • Gamestop Ireland: Ponies or Halo?

    Gamestop Ireland dropped a bit of Derpy on their Facebook page a bit ago, then followed up on it.  I'm cool with this.  

    Season 3 or Halo?  I'm going with ponies this time. 

    Thanks to DiscordalChaos and Sean for the heads ups! 
  • German Season 2 Pony Music

    Galacon has the best OC
    Poland had it's spotlight yesterday, and today we have a bunch of stuff straight from Germany!

    Have a list:

    BBBFF Reprise
    Ladybucks Awake
    This Day Aria
    This Day Aria Reprise
    Love is in Bloom

    And as a side note, you may be wondering why both Poland and Germany art starting off with the Royal Wedding music.  Apparently Hasbro decided to begin with the finale instead of using Discord due to the release of the toys over there.  The more you know!
  • Ponified: Pony Escape 2

    Ape escape? I remember that game. I used to play it at a friends house due to my lack of dualshock controller.

    Check out the ponified version below the break!
  • Rumor / Discussion: Disney Looking to Buy Hasbro?

    A rumor is floating around over in the world of comics and geekdom pertaining to the possible aquisition of Hasbro by Disney.  With their recent buyout of both LucasFilm and Marvel, the idea of it isn't exactly foreign.

    This isn't confirmed in the least, but the possibility is still there.  It's also a great discussion piece!

    We all know Hasbro is pretty lenient on Youtube uploads.  Friendship is Magic wouldn't have grown at nearly as quick a pace as it did without it.  While they are obligated to protect their copyrights (which is why EQD Youtube links tend to poof within a day or two, and why we don't have an episode archive),  It's not exactly heavily enforced.   Disney on the other hand is much stricter.

    They do however produce unquestionably quality content in the cartoon department, so they know how the game is played.  I doubt Friendship is Magic would be affected in the slightest outside of availability.

    So what do you guys think?  What would Disney's buyout of Hasbro mean for our candy colored equines?

  • Drawfriend Stuff #616

    Trixie edition! We haven't had her as a header in at least a week.

    Have some art.

    Source 1
    lost in the forest
  • SFM: Taking Flight

    This video:

    Needs to be a video game
    Needs to be turned into a full movie
    Is awesome
    Reminds me of How to Train Your Dragon

    You should:
    Go watch it after the break

  • EQLA Compilation - Part 1

    A bunch of stuff has been flooding in from EQLA!  Time for a compilation!  This convention has an armada of last minute guests, so it's no surprise that they are being interviewed to death!

    We also have a promo for Solrac Ventures, if that yelling thing is your thing! 

    Head on down past the break for a list of everything!

  • Spotlight Remix Music: Archie & The Living Tombstone - Hush (Club Mix)

    Arche and Tomb teaming up on a single song?!  Wouldn't that split atoms and create black holes?  Usually yes, it would.  However, they made a Fluttershy song, and that immediately quelled any subatomic explosions.  Just continue tossing love her way and we won't see any world ending events.

    Anyway, find it below.

  • Magic Duel Synopsis on Zap2it

    The 5th episode of Season 3 has a new synopsis up on Zap2it.  As always, head on downb below for it to avoid any spoilers.

  • Spotlight Music: You Wanted The End // A Part of Me // Order of Chaos //

    Fools like me, who cross the sea,
    and come to foreign lands,
    ask the sheep, for their beliefs.
    Do you kill on God's command?

    Luna looks disgruntled- maybe you can listen to this music to cheer her up! Or something like that. I don't know what Luna likes. We have two vocal tracks and an instrumental today. Check em out.

    1) F3nning (Ft. Rina-Chan, IBeaBronyRapper) - You Wanted The End
    2) A Part of Me (Feat. Megaphoric) {Original Song} [Twilight and Spike]
    3) Carbon Maestro - Order of Chaos (Discord's Orchestral Theme)

  • Brony Thank You Fund Commercial on Youtube

    Just in case you all didn't realize it already, the Brony Thank You Fund project was pretty damn successful.  We now have a commercial airing on The Hub in the coming weeks.  Through the wonders of the internet, it is now available on Youtube as well! Head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Nightly Roundup #489

    Hanging out with friends and making new ones is a great way to spend a weekend, something I know quite a few of you did at EQLA. Welcome back you guys! I hope you all had a lot of fun and made some pleasant memories.

    Nightly news coming your way after the break!