• EQLA Compilation - Part 1

    A bunch of stuff has been flooding in from EQLA!  Time for a compilation!  This convention has an armada of last minute guests, so it's no surprise that they are being interviewed to death!

    We also have a promo for Solrac Ventures, if that yelling thing is your thing! 

    Head on down past the break for a list of everything!

    Solrac Ventures Promo:

    Interviews (Uh, apparently the other ones were from CG! My bad~)

    Tara Strong
    Meghan McCarthy

    Hotdiggety Demon / Egoraptor Panels (Most at least)

    Random News from People Watching the Stream:

    --Apparently Mandopony was absorbed into the music crew of FiM! 

    --Lauren Faust said that she misses terribly being on the show and, in answer to a fan question, revealed that she'd be interested in returning if "conditions were right."

    --Meghan McCarthy gave a small spoiler during the second writers panel that we may find out this season what's been keeping Luna busy for the past two seasons.

    --William Anderson would love to host a live orchestral performance of selections from the show score, perhaps at some place like the Staples Center in LA, though it sounded like there were no actual plans for that; it's just something he thinks would be neat.

    --Both Jayson Theissen and Weird Al want Weird Al to appear on the show. It's a matter of working out schedules to make it happen; all parties are willing (again, this info from Wil Anderson).