• Rumor / Discussion: Disney Looking to Buy Hasbro?

    A rumor is floating around over in the world of comics and geekdom pertaining to the possible aquisition of Hasbro by Disney.  With their recent buyout of both LucasFilm and Marvel, the idea of it isn't exactly foreign.

    This isn't confirmed in the least, but the possibility is still there.  It's also a great discussion piece!

    We all know Hasbro is pretty lenient on Youtube uploads.  Friendship is Magic wouldn't have grown at nearly as quick a pace as it did without it.  While they are obligated to protect their copyrights (which is why EQD Youtube links tend to poof within a day or two, and why we don't have an episode archive),  It's not exactly heavily enforced.   Disney on the other hand is much stricter.

    They do however produce unquestionably quality content in the cartoon department, so they know how the game is played.  I doubt Friendship is Magic would be affected in the slightest outside of availability.

    So what do you guys think?  What would Disney's buyout of Hasbro mean for our candy colored equines?