• PMV: Breakneck Pace / ✝ ℜᴇsɪᴅᴇɴᴛ ℨᴠɪʟ ✝ / Wreck-It MAC Trailer

    We have two PMV's and a ponified Wreck it Ralph trailer this time around. Head on down below to check them out!

    1.) PMV - Breakneck Pace (Rainbow Dash's Fighting Is Magic Theme)
    2.) ✝ PMV ✝ ℜᴇsɪᴅᴇɴᴛ ℨᴠɪʟ ✝
    3.) Wreck-It MAC Trailer 2 + Cast change

  • Welovefine Adds Rainbow Dash Necklace to Promo List

    Just in case you were in the market for five or more items from Welovefine, a new promo has popped up with these limited quantity Rainbow Dash necklaces at the forefront. 

    Head on over to this page to check it out!

    You will need to pick either this or one of the keychains though, so choose wisely!
  • Comic: I Dun Get It / There Was no Second Take

    Rainbow Dash vs. Politics and Chrysalis Vs. Celestia, it's comic time! Click for full.

  • New Pre-Readers Wanted!

    Hey, guys! Long time, no see! I come bearing exciting news. Our own little team of sla indentur excited volunteers are looking to add some new members to their pack! See below for instructions on you can apply and pierce the veil separating you from the merciless cogs of the EqD machine.

  • Story: Image and Impact

    [Sad][Slice of Life]

    Author: TheBandBrony

    Description: "Why do you think Trixie acts the way she does, Twilight Sparkle? Why do you think she became a showpony in the first place? She does it so she can be remembered. All the good Trixie did, all the bad Trixie—it was all so her name would never die out, even after she herself had. She will not allow herself to be used as a catalyst for some greater scheme, then tossed to the wayside to be forgotten. She will make the world remember her name."


    Years after being exiled from Ponyville, a pacified Trixie returns to try and find closure with the ponies she hurt the most. But time has wiped the slate clean in more than one way, leaving the showpony forgotten, nothing more than a fading memory in the minds of the townsfolk. Will a mare who devoted her whole life to being remembered find solace in the vastness of her impact? Or will the loss of her hallowed image tear her apart?
    Image and Impact

    Additional Tags: Even Trixie will be forgotten
  • Trotmania - Rhythm is Magic Released!

    The Trotmania pony theme pack for Stepmania has been released!  Included in the mix are a whopping 55 songs to play on, with everything from brony music to official show stuff. 

    Now.. if only I could find some good metal pads.  Why did those cobalt ones have to stop production?!  I guess my fingers deserve a workout anyway.

    Check out this page for a track list and installation information, and hit up their forum post if you run into issues with it. 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #614

    Battle edition! It kind of makes me want to play a war game!

    Have some art while I dig through Steam for one.

    Source 1
    From Black Skies Come The Rainbow Warriors

  • Celestia Radio's Kiki Cancer Fundraiser Extravaganza

    As EQLA grinds into high gear another extraordinary event is about to kick itself off starting tonight! Kiki, a little girl that many of you may already know, has had a rough journey as she has bravely fought cancer alongside her family. But she hasn't been alone in this grueling battle as the likes of the ever wonderful Tara Strong and the Brony community have reached out to provide her with help! Tonight's event hopes to extend that help even further with an unprecedented effort by Celestia Radio as they host a nine day, uninterrupted fundraiser 

    That's right, 200+ live hours of pony fun as Celestia Radio's cast, members of the pony community, and even some special guests make their appearance as they try to raise money for little Kiki. Expect such guests from projects such as The Vinyl Scratch Tapes, Fallout: Equestria Radioplay, Pony in a Box, and more! If you'd like to partake in the event, it will be starting tonight at 6pm CDT (7pm EDT, 4pm PDT). All donations between Nov 3rd @ 6PM CDT and Nov. 12th @ 2AM CST will go straight to Kiki's cancer fund so drop in at anytime and give a buck or two if you can!

    For the full schedule of the event, please check out the link here. Come on out tonight or sometime this week if you can! Even if you can't donate, send some support over Kiki's way at her Twitter account @Kikiandami, I'm sure she and her family would appreciate it!

    Kiki's Cancer Fundraiser Extravaganza (Click on Play Now or Media Player to listen in)

    Help make this a wonderful week for a wonderful girl
    Celestia Radio Twitter
    Celestia Radio Chat for the Event
  • Story Updates November 3rd (Afternoon)

    Updates, stories, ect. Find them below!

  • EQLA Livestream

    For those that want to live the EQLA experience from the comfort of your computer chair, the livestream of the convention is currently going on.  Head on over to EFR to check it out!
  • Derpy Cutie Mark Updates on Vinyl Figures

    It looks like the new wave of Derpy molded ponies has a new and improved cutie mark.   As you can see above, they have rounded them and changed it the number.   Apparently those of you that missed  the first round actually lucked out!  Or does this mean the first round of derpy's is going to be worth a fortune? I never was any good at that collecting thing.

    Thanks to Direwolfdark for the heads up.


  • Plushie Compilation #91

    Fluttershy certainly comes out well in plush form! Maybe it's her coloration or maybe it's because I have some Fluttershy biased friends influencing me...

    Soft and huggable pony plushies are coming at you! Check them out after the break.

    Source 1
    MLP: FiM Fluttershy Plushie

  • Comic: Making Wine / Another Day in Ponyville / Human Facts

    As they say, good things come to those who wait. Too bad some things just take so dang long!

    Pony comics headed your way! Click for full.

  • Music: Love and Admiration / Millenia / Nightmare Night 5Copy Remix

    Embeds are derpin, so have some direct links instead this time around!

    First off is a new one from So Great and Powerful, followed by a bit of soft Luna vocal stuff, and finishing with a nightmare night instrumental/remix. Check them out below!

    1.) SoGreatandPowerful : E30 (Love and Admiration)
    2.) Millennia [Original Composition by NomNom]
    3.) Glaze - Nightmare Night (5COPY's Plug.Nightmare edit)

  • Doctor Whooves and Fluttershy Vinyl Figure Release Timeframe

    Do you love your vinyl ponies? Cause I love my vinyl ponies.  

    According to an emails between both Funko and a couple of people asking about it (including one I sent over for confirmation), both Fluttershy and Doctor Whoof have an expected release date of some time in Spring.   Some point directly at March, while others simply leave it open.

    If the Rainbow and Derpy were any indication, we won't be seeing these until the last minute.  I am really curious about how they are going to pull off The Doctor.  I can only imagine the copyright difficulties with that one!

    Thanks to Aleksejs for starting this chain of emails!

  • Nightly Roundup #487

    Have you ever just gone outside at night, someplace quiet and alone, and just pondered the things the mind usually lets drift beyond our grasp during the course of our everyday chaos? It's nice to center ourselves at times, force time to work for us instead of against us if only but for a moment. Ironically, we seem to grow the most at times when it seems like we're doing nothing at all.

    Take some time for yourself this weekend, you never know what you may find.

    Time for some news folks, I hope you are all well!