• New Pre-Readers Wanted!

    Hey, guys! Long time, no see! I come bearing exciting news. Our own little team of sla indentur excited volunteers are looking to add some new members to their pack! See below for instructions on you can apply and pierce the veil separating you from the merciless cogs of the EqD machine.

    Hi! Your mostly friendly EqD pre-readers here. With Season 3 rapidly approaching, we’ve found ourselves overwhelmed with the amount of fanfiction that needs to be reviewed. You guys write a lot. So, we’re opening pre-reader applications.

    In a nutshell, we the pre-readers exist to ensure the fanfiction on this site deserves to be here. We want the stories you see to be sound in spelling and grammar, entertaining and/or thought/feels-provoking, and accessible to the brony community in general. These have always been our basic criteria for accepting

    If you’re interested in applying to become a pre-reader, send an email to [email protected] with the following:

    - “[Name/internet handle]: pre-reader application” as the subject.
    - Your writing experience (with examples).
    - Your reviewing experience (with examples, if possible).
    - Proof that you aren’t a changeling.
    - Name of the best pony.
    - Anything else that we should know before considering you.
    Sometimes it takes us a while to deliberate on candidates, so please be patient if you send something in! Thanks, and keep being awesome!