• Celestia Radio's Kiki Cancer Fundraiser Extravaganza

    As EQLA grinds into high gear another extraordinary event is about to kick itself off starting tonight! Kiki, a little girl that many of you may already know, has had a rough journey as she has bravely fought cancer alongside her family. But she hasn't been alone in this grueling battle as the likes of the ever wonderful Tara Strong and the Brony community have reached out to provide her with help! Tonight's event hopes to extend that help even further with an unprecedented effort by Celestia Radio as they host a nine day, uninterrupted fundraiser 

    That's right, 200+ live hours of pony fun as Celestia Radio's cast, members of the pony community, and even some special guests make their appearance as they try to raise money for little Kiki. Expect such guests from projects such as The Vinyl Scratch Tapes, Fallout: Equestria Radioplay, Pony in a Box, and more! If you'd like to partake in the event, it will be starting tonight at 6pm CDT (7pm EDT, 4pm PDT). All donations between Nov 3rd @ 6PM CDT and Nov. 12th @ 2AM CST will go straight to Kiki's cancer fund so drop in at anytime and give a buck or two if you can!

    For the full schedule of the event, please check out the link here. Come on out tonight or sometime this week if you can! Even if you can't donate, send some support over Kiki's way at her Twitter account @Kikiandami, I'm sure she and her family would appreciate it!

    Kiki's Cancer Fundraiser Extravaganza (Click on Play Now or Media Player to listen in)

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