• Comic: PonyCraft 2

    Click me! Please click me!

    Guys, this comic is just... wow. You have to see it to believe it! Someone put a lot of love into this and it sure does show. Click above and knock your socks off.
  • Animation Analysis - Wingin It

    Another episode of gbeaudette's Animation Analysis series has been released! This time he focuses on motion and Pegasus wings.   They are probably a lot more complicated than many of you realized! Head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Story: Dancing on Silver Strings

    [Adventure][Dark] “A wonderfully executed look at the facades we maintain, and the inevitable delusions of certainty and power.” - PR Seattle

    Author: Mystic
    Description: Princess Celestia is a paradigm of virtue. Calm and benevolent, she stands strong as the moral guide of all ponydom, its infallible protector and symbol of all that is good.

    She is... isn’t she?

    Discord knows the truth. And he will stop at nothing, absolutely nothing, to make Celestia see it too.

    So just what is Discord trying to show Celestia, and just what is she trying so hard to hide from?

    The truth is never clear. Fear, however, is not so hard to find.
    Dancing on Silver Strings

    Additional Tags: Psychological, mind games, subjective truths
  • Remix/Vocal Music: Arrival / Brony Medley / Je m'appelle Braeburn

    We have a bit of electronic autotune vocal stuff, followed by an orchestral medley of a bunch of pony songs, and finish with some french stuff! Check them out below.

    1.) Pixeltripper - Arrival
    2.) Brony Medley (Orchestral)
    3.) MLP FIM - Je m'appelle Braeburn - Original Song

  • Flash Animation: Octavia and Maestro perform in a concert / Aces of Harmony

    We have an orchestral battle up above between Octavia and an OC pony, followed by a very simple Rainbow Dash/FluttershyAce Combat crossover.  Click the images for full!

  • Poll Results: Choose the Best of the Canterlot Elite!

    Looks like Fancy Pants had this one in the bag right from the beginning! I was honestly rooting for Photo Finish.  How can you top that accent? Who cares if Fancy Pants is a Braetish secret agent, and Fleur is just his "temporary supermodel girlfriend for x mission".?

    Anyway, onward to the next poll! Best non-cmc foal! Get on it.
  • Comic: A Piece of Pie / Donkey / Without Magic

    After many months of work, the colored version of A Piece of Pie is complete! Now you all can check out this zany, 21 part adventure in full spectrum glory. Click above for part 1 and click the links in the description to find the rest of the parts.

    Comic time guys! Click for full as always.

  • Zecora Out of Stock in Canada Now too!

    Well, that didn't last long.

  • MLP Comic Advertisements Popping Up

    These were found in a recent "Previews" comic industry catalogue at one of those smaller comic stores.  My Little Pony got it's own full page shoutout, with a blurb from their editors on how amazing it's going to be (obviously!).   It was actually one of their staff picks at the Previews website!

    Thanks to Foxox JD For the images!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #560

    Luna actually makes a pretty good Gordon Freeman. I'd give her a crowbar if I had a spare.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
    Half-Luna 2

    And thanks to Pencils for the new Octavia banner! 
  • Zecora Out of Stock... Again! - Attack Canada Instead!

    Apparently posting Zecora is guaranteed to doom her being in stock here on EQD.  The poor Zebra has already been completely bought out again.  Looks like you all will need to go hit the stores up for one instead!

    Or hit up Canada!
  • Story Updates September 9th (Afternoon)

    Stories! Updates! Fallouts!  Have some stuff.

  • Remix War #5 - Final Day!

      The final day of Remix War has arrived! Check out the main post for all the synchtube channels as always. Hope you all had fun! 
  • PMV: Pinkie pie is perfect / Up, Up and Away! / Fast enough - AppleDash song

    PMV time! They are all awesome! We have Pinkie Pie being completely insane, Balloons all over the place, and some Appledash for those that are into that.  Check them out below.

    1.) Pinkie pie is perfect (PINKIE IS BEST PONY)
    2.) Up, Up and Away!
    3.) Fast enough - AppleDash song / Lyrics in description

  • Story: Acquiesce


    Author: Equ-us
    Description: Rainbow Dash has been dating Pinkie Pie for nearly a month and, in spite of Pinkie’s objections, is keeping the affair a secret from the rest of their friends. Deciding she's had enough, Pinkie Pie throws a party announcing their relationship.

    Additional Tags: Pinkie-Dash, Fillyfooling, Insecurities, Tactless Twilight
  • Vocal Music: In Canterlot / Rays of Subtle Light / Deejay Just Like Me

    We have a bit of rap to start us off, followed by some soft acoustic stuff, and finishing with remix of a vocal track about scratch, but completely indisputably pony for once!  It doesn't even have wubs!

    1.) In Canterlot (ft. Sureshot)
    2.) Rays of Subtle Light
    3.) Steven, A.D. fixes AwkwardMarina - Deejay Just Like Me

  • Music is Magic - A Documentary on Everfree NW 2012 and Brony Musicians

    You have all probably heard at least a few of their songs, be it because you are a fan of pony music, or because some random video on the internet used one as a backtrack.

    A full on documentary dedicated specifically to the musicians of the fandom has popped up based around all the guests of Everfree Northwest. Head on down past the break to check it out!

  • Zecora Back in Stock on Toys R' Us Website

    Zecora is once again available on the Toys R' Us website.  Sadly she is reflecting her new 15 dollar price tag, but at least you can actually buy one now! They must have panicked when an armada of preorders popped up and pulled her. 

    Anyway, check it out here!

    Thanks to Beth for the heads up!
  • Nightly Roundup #433

    Well everyone, time to wrap up AJ's day. Just look at her, peacefully relaxing in her pool after being showered with all sorts of art. Good on you AJ and good on you all for participating in her day!

    Time for some news guys! Welcome to a rare weekend edition of Calpain's Roundups! That's right, I'm extending my sleeplessness to the weekends. Hooray!