• Nightly Roundup #433

    Well everyone, time to wrap up AJ's day. Just look at her, peacefully relaxing in her pool after being showered with all sorts of art. Good on you AJ and good on you all for participating in her day!

    Time for some news guys! Welcome to a rare weekend edition of Calpain's Roundups! That's right, I'm extending my sleeplessness to the weekends. Hooray!

    AJ says thank you ever so much! Awesome work by Tsitra!

    Jumping in Random Portals is Hazardous for your Health

    Be careful guys, don't jump into random portals!

    BronyCon Documentary Posters Heading Out

    Posters are currently being mailed out to those that donated a certain amount to the documentary Kickstarter. Looks pretty awesome! Good show to the people donated that much!

    Cake (and cupcakes)

    Choose Your Own Adventure Fanfic

    Remember those paperback choose your own adventure books you'd find in the bookstore? Well, ponies has one of their very own now! It's quite an expansive project so if you're interested in reading and participating in your own adventure check out the link below!

    Start Your Adventure!

    London Engagement Event Report

    The London Engagement Event seemed to go over very well! Hopefully all those who wanted the Rainbow Dash cards got them. Check out the details below.

    Whether or not they planned for the bronies that would turn up, I don't know; but they definitely didn't turn us away. The Dash promo cards started showing up about half an hour before the planned start, I think (not that anything defining happened at the planned start to say 'the event has now started'). The big Twilight Sparkle stood at the back behind the Shining Armor/Cadance cutout, and people would pose for pictures taken by the staff (or with their own cameras if they wanted); the staff would then print the photos they took out and stick them to a 'thank you' card with Cadance on them. I think the promo cards were supposed to be handed out one each with the photos - thus ensuring everybody got one each - though this was only really enforced later on in the event, so some people managed to obtain multiple promos. About halfway/three quarters of the way through, the printer stopped working, so the staff offered to send any photos they took to our email addresses, we having to make do with an empty thank-you card.

    As well as the kids, bronies were also accepted by the face painters; though not full-face painting, it was limited to cutie marks on the cheeks and a couple other small things I saw. There were also cupcakes being handed round, but I didn't get a picture of them - fortunately they weren't styled after any particular pony(!). The television at the back of the room played Winter Wrap Up and Suited for Success on a loop. On the merchandise side of things, children's t-shirts were available for purchase, along with the current MLP range (Fashion Style, Wedding Castle playset, big Cadance, backpacks, etc); it seemed that Fashion Style Rainbow Dashes were being given away for free with the purchase of any MLP item.

    Brohoofs were exchanged, favourite ponies were discussed, and good times were had. Bearing in mind that the show's UK broadcaster has yet to show us Discord - or any ponies at all since March - it looked like something that said "This show and toyline is still very popular here". Hopefully Hasbro UK'll start paying attention and we'll get Season 2 soon.

    Gallery Link

    Pony Mare-a-thon Continues on Sunday!

    Can't ever have enough pony, eh? Check out the details below.

    Howdy everypony! Wanna join us for our second day filled with pony?! well then tune in 9:00am U.S. central time on Sunday on september 8th at http://www.livestream.com/thatonebronycaststream for all of season 2 in one shot and  all leading up to the  royal wedding. so get on up whenever ya feel like it, stumble over to your computer and lets watch a wagon load of ponies this weekend!!!

    Twilight Sparkle RPG Update

    The Twilight Sparkle RPG has recently received yet another update. It's not looking too bad and anything with Twilight Sparkle gains a big plus to me. Take a look at the video below.

    More Pony Tattoos!

    Pony tattoos seem to be becoming as common as cake nowadays! Guess after getting a tattoo you need to chow down on some cake after, right?

    South Africa McDonalds Gets Ponies!

    Looks like South Africa has finally gotten some McDonalds ponies of their own! Check out the website below for more details.

    South Africa McDonalds Website


    BronyComms Season 2 Finale

    Ukofe Podcast - Episode 18

    Copy Paste:

    We talk, comic conundrums, Kickstarting, pony cards, Scotland

    Pony 411 Podcast - New Series!

    Time for a new pony podcast guys! Check out the details below.

    On Pony 411, a brand new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic-themed podcast, Four String, Nemesis, LordFunkyFist, Artfan and FusionFox tackle the news of the week and some of the timely topics of the brony community. 
    Shenanigans are afoot this week: Funky decides that he is Zecora! More about military bronies! We discuss the smell of ponies (it makes sense in context)! And Four String is with Tori Spelling? It has to be heard to be believed.
    Plus, we talk a bit about merchandise, FiM being nominated for a Tubey, and a breaking announcement about the 3rd Shout Factory DVD that was totally not spliced in. Of course, as per usual we talk about some fan content including a game, an artist, and two songs.
    So come on and slam, and welcome to the Pony 411 jam!

    Episode Link 


    Successful Meetups

    Abqbronies' Board Game Night

    Copy Paste:

    Board game night was truly rad!  We had more than 13 bronies from all over Albuquerque as well as Rio Rancho and Los Lunas in attendance.  Games included "Magic the Gathering", "Apples to Apples", "Betrayal at House on the Haunted Hill", "Pony Scrabble", "Reverse Jenga", "We Didn't Playtest This At All", and "Munchkin".  We dominated a corner of Active Imagination and got alot of curious looks from the regular magic players.  If you're in the area and you missed this, keep an eye out for our event next friday!
    Montana Bronies Meetup


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Dungeons and Dragons Online Guild

    Copy Paste:

    Game: Dungeons & Dragons Online (http://www.ddo.com/)
    Guild: Voice Chatters.
    Server: Khyber
    Contacts: Send a tell to Tekniker, Tinskin or Cheerilee. Send a letter to Tinskin if no one is logged on at the time.

    We are a casual Brony friendly guild looking for more players. We have characters across both high and low levels & love helping new players figure out the game. As the name of the guild suggests, downloading and using Ventrilo is highly recommended but not required. Even if you don't have a mic you should join so you don't miss out on the conversation.

    Iceland Brony Group

    Facebook Group
    Daytona Beach Facebook

    Facebook Page


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Perler Vinyl Scratch
    Vinyl Scratch and Octavia Shoes

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