• Story: Dancing on Silver Strings

    [Adventure][Dark] “A wonderfully executed look at the facades we maintain, and the inevitable delusions of certainty and power.” - PR Seattle

    Author: Mystic
    Description: Princess Celestia is a paradigm of virtue. Calm and benevolent, she stands strong as the moral guide of all ponydom, its infallible protector and symbol of all that is good.

    She is... isn’t she?

    Discord knows the truth. And he will stop at nothing, absolutely nothing, to make Celestia see it too.

    So just what is Discord trying to show Celestia, and just what is she trying so hard to hide from?

    The truth is never clear. Fear, however, is not so hard to find.
    Dancing on Silver Strings

    Additional Tags: Psychological, mind games, subjective truths

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