• Music Remix/Vocal: I Will Be Strong / One Of A Kin / Pinkies Brew [Electro Swing Remix]

    We have dem vocals, followed by dat autotune, and finish with  more Pinkies Brew, electro swing style! Check them out below.

    1.) Neighsayer - I Will Be Strong (feat. Feather)
    2.) One Of A Kind (Album Version)
    3.) Pinkies Brew [Electro Swing Remix]

  • Story: Fluttershy's Infernal Adventure

    [Comedy] [Adventure] "Fluttershy goes to Hell, and the only thing missing in this fic are the musical numbers to go with it." - Pre-reader HB-84

    Author: Butterscotch Sundae
    Description: Fluttershy must journey to the dark land of Tartaros to save her little bunny, Angel, kidnapped by the Mara, the Queen of the Underworld, with a little help from some unexpected friends.

    Fluttershy's Infernal Adventure

    Additional Tags: Fluttershy goes to Tartaros
  • EQD TF2, Left4dead, and Tribes Servers!

    As those of you who follow the steam group probably know,  we have someone going by the name of Weareborg who is setting up a whole bunch of pony servers.   The 13 Left4dead 2 servers are already top ranked in the world, and judging by the popularity of the TF2 one, we might need a few more to corral the masses!

    Anyway, it's time for some video games! Head on past the break for information on all of them.  He is still tweaking the TF2 one (deciding on mods vs votes for keeping things stable - I always preferred the latter), but it seems to be doing well so far, if a little big on queues. 

    Anyway, all servers and information can be found after the break!

  • PMV/Trailers: My Little Dashie Tribute: Never Be The Same / The Notorious RD / Twilight feat Dusk Shine - Sim Gretina PMV

    Half of you will love the first one, the remaining half will be split between "Why Rainbow Dash?" and "not this again..." We sure do love expanding that fanfic!

    We also have a ponified trailer, and your good old fashioned PMV. Check them all out below!

    1.) My Little Dashie Tribute: Never Be The Same
    2.) The Notorious RD - Official Teaser
    3.) Twilight feat Dusk Shine - Sim Gretina PMV

  • Music Remix/Vocal: Honestly (Truthful) / Somewhere Over Cloudsdale / So Many Wonders Fighting edition

    We have an Applejack vocal song, a parody of Somewhere over the Rainbow, and a remix of so many wonders, battle style.  Check them out below! 

    1.) Honestly (Truthful) feat. Turquoise Splash
    2.) Somewhere Over Cloudsdale
    3.) MLP Fighting is Magic - Fluttershy Theme (Unnofficial unrelated to mane6!)

  • Last Poster Update (Hopefully!)

    I've been told that Imgur actually did lower the quality of the posters, so I have tossed them all up on Deviant Art!

    You can grab them at the gallery page here

    Make sure you click the "download" button if you want it in the absolute maximum resolution.  The map is 300dpi, the other three are 200dpi.
  • Animation: My Little Clover - The Clever Rises / Heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa

    We have a couple of short ones for you all to dig into today! Clover the Clever returns in a movie trailer style quicky (Hopefully a sign of things to come? I'd watch a Clover the Clever episode).

    And in the second slot, we have a parody of this thing. It's going to be hard to top Gangnam Style, but it puts up a valiant effort! Click the images for the flashes!

  • Custom Compilation #80

    Why does Luna and video games go so well together? Maybe because it makes her just about as adorkable as Twilight.

    Still feeling under the weather, thanks for the well wishes in the Roundup. Anyway, customs after the break!

    Source 1
    :Commission:Princess Luna vas Normandy

  • Story: Lunar Eternity

    [Comedy] [Sci-fi] [Grimdark] "A medical facility on the moon, what's not to love?" - Pre-reader HB-84

    Author: Dimestream
    Description: What is a god-princess to do when her sister goes mental and tries to destroy Equestria? Simple. Send her to the moon... to get some magical psychotherapy! At royal behest, a crack team of doctors and engineers get to work trying to purge the Nightmare, without killing Princess Luna in the process.

    Lunar Eternity

    Additional Tags: Magical Psychotherapy on the Moon
  • Discussion: Babysitting The Cutie Mark Crusaders

    Let's face it, the Cutie Mark Crusaders all caught us by surprise. They came out of left field. They were completely unexpected. We were off-guard, and caught with our pan- you know what, that metaphor's gross.

    Regardless, I think we've all grown to love at least one of these three troublemakers at least as much as any mane six pony. Let's face it, though, they're probably only tolerable in small doses if you're the one that has to look after them. They're only foals, after all. Of course Fluttershy had to take this weekend off to go count frogs or something. You tried to pawn them off to Rainbow Dash, but she muttered something about a nap and flew off. Twilight hit you with a book, Applejack hit you with an apple, and Rarity chased you away with a needle. And let's be honest, you're not going to trust Pinkie with kids.

    So, the task falls to you. How do you take care of these three?
  • Drawfriend Stuff #530

    Derpy never loses the mail.   Her dedication takes her to heights even Rainbow Dash would shy away from!

    Have some art. 

    Source 1
    Lost Letter
  • Comic: Party Crasher Bonbon / Batmang / Like Humans do / More Bad News

    A comic focusing on Bonbon instead of Lyra? What has the world come to?

    Of course, we have some Lyra buried down there to make up for it though.  Can't have a comic post without her I guess! She is joined by Dash being a Dbag and some Dan Vs.

  • (Rumor) Possible Season 3 Images! Time for Speculation! + 300 Dpi Map File

    We have a bunch of neat stuff this time around from the guy that sent us the posters last night.  Apparently he had a few other images saved up.  These kind of remind me of the teasers The Hub used to release for the Discord episode.  Have fun speculating!

    Head on down past the break for some possible season 3 scenery, and a pony. 

    And above is the full 300dpi 15mb version of the Equestria map.  I had to host it on Deviant Art, as both blogger and Imgur laughed when I tried to upload it.

    Outside of the map, we can't 100% confirm any of this as fact, so use your own discretion. 

  • ATG Submitter Is Down (Nevermind!)

    EDIT: We're back up!

    Yes, we know that the Artist Training Grounds submitter is throwing a php error at you instead of a page. According to the only expert we have on the subject it's the server's fault and there's nothing we can do from this end.

    We sent Derpy over. We'll let you know when it's back!

  • Music: Burning Hatred // Winter Wrap Up // Siege of the Lunar Empire //

    Derpy is appalled because you did something bad. Shame on you.

    Instrumentals this morning: today we have some Discord, some Octavia, and some Luna. Get em' while they're hot, before you disappoint Derpy again. You monster.

    1) Radiarc - Burning Hatred
    2) MLP:FIM - Winter Wrap Up (orchestral / instrumental)
    3) Siege of the Lunar Empire [New EP]

  • Zecora Showing up Now too!

    Similar to the collector set we posted a few days ago, it looks like some Toys R' Us stores are releasing their glow in the dark Zecora toys.   We have also received even more reports of Nightmare Moon's set popping up.  It looks like these are finally invading stores! Hopefully you guys have a Toys R' Us in the area! Be sure to give them a call first, I don't think she is too common yet.

    Thanks to Wolv for the heads up!
  • Saturday Night Songs - Tonight's Show

    Michelle Crebers show tonight has a few things planned!  Three new songs are popping up, including a remix from Tombstone, one orchestrated by Steffan Andrews, and another produced by Daniel Ingram.  Check it out tonight at her usual spot here!
  • Story Updates August 11th (Morning)

    Story updates and sleepy scratch time.  Go!

  • Nightly Roundup #404

    Scheduled Roundup edition as I'm not feeling too well tonight and will be sleeping (hopefully) by the time you all read this.

    Have some news!

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 10

    Either I am crazy, or this is the single greatest thing in the history of ever. I have often pined for a ponified version of Megaman X featuring Lyra for me to play, but this... I would give all of my money to see this. Hell, I would give all of your money to see this. Don't be so stingy! Here, I'll even give you these 713 mediariffic ponies as compensation. Not such a bad deal, right? This brings our total for the event up to an astonishing 7955 images! Utterly amazing. Please remember to take a minute to comment on a couple of tonight's images. It really counts for a lot.

    To submit for Day 10, simply follow this link and fill out the form. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to look me up at phoe@equestriadaily.com. I love hearing from you, so don't be shy!

    Sometimes, when you're staring at a theme and it's full of possibilities, it can be a bit daunting. What do you draw? What style do you draw it in? Do you try something new or master what you already know? For that matter, what the heck do I pick as a theme? Well, in honor of those tough decisions, tonight's theme is as thus: Draw a pony making a decision/Draw a pony waffling. Insert joke about maple syrup here.

    I don't think it's any big secret at this point that I play video games. Like, a lot of video games. And this gallery kind of made the nostalgia circuits in my brain explode. Like, there's a Toomba pony in here. A Toomba pony! Does anyone else even know what that is?! Actually, never mind me. Just step inside the Ponyville Arcade. Why does every gallery have to be my favorite? I feel like Seth...