• EQD TF2, Left4dead, and Tribes Servers!

    As those of you who follow the steam group probably know,  we have someone going by the name of Weareborg who is setting up a whole bunch of pony servers.   The 13 Left4dead 2 servers are already top ranked in the world, and judging by the popularity of the TF2 one, we might need a few more to corral the masses!

    Anyway, it's time for some video games! Head on past the break for information on all of them.  He is still tweaking the TF2 one (deciding on mods vs votes for keeping things stable - I always preferred the latter), but it seems to be doing well so far, if a little big on queues. 

    Anyway, all servers and information can be found after the break!

    (MTMS)||=Equestria Daily=|| Um? Yay?

    New Tribes Server:
    MTST EQD The New Lunar Republic

    Left 4 Dead 2:
    L4d2 Survival Fortspawn2 servers co-hosted by MTMS

    You will need the free MLP Model pack to spawn ponies:

    MTMS-EQD Survival !fortspawn2 1 TX
    MTMS-EQD Survival !fortspawn2 2 TX
    MTMS-EQD Survival !fortspawn2 3 EAST
    MTMS-EQD Survival !fortspawn2 4 EAST
    MTMS-EQD Survival !fortspawn2 England
    MTMS-EQD Survival !fortspawn2 Amsterdam
    Multi Tanks Maximum Spawn !buy EQD US 1
    Multi Tanks Maximum Spawn !buy EQD US 2
    Multi Tanks Maximum Spawn !buy EQD EU   
    MTMS RPG !jobmenu Rank COOP v0.6
    MTMS Borg's PLAYGROUND !deploy !buy
    MTMS Mega's HOMEGROUND !buy Coop
    MTMS Borg's WASTELAND Versus !deploy !buy Survival US 1 US 2 Survival US 3 Survival US 4 Survival England Survival Amsterdam