• (Rumor) Possible Season 3 Images! Time for Speculation! + 300 Dpi Map File

    We have a bunch of neat stuff this time around from the guy that sent us the posters last night.  Apparently he had a few other images saved up.  These kind of remind me of the teasers The Hub used to release for the Discord episode.  Have fun speculating!

    Head on down past the break for some possible season 3 scenery, and a pony. 

    And above is the full 300dpi 15mb version of the Equestria map.  I had to host it on Deviant Art, as both blogger and Imgur laughed when I tried to upload it.

    Outside of the map, we can't 100% confirm any of this as fact, so use your own discretion. 

    As whathisgame pointed out, each of these images is actually labeled with possible episode numbers.  312 and 313, being the technical season finale. 

    Trixie is a bit on the odd side though.  Maybe concept vectors to show off her necklace? I've actually used a few of those for references in my Training Grounds, so they aren't new.  It looks like some text was ghetto deleted out as well.

    Trixie was confirmed for returning a while back for those wondering.