• Fighting is Magic Bite Sized Update - Pinkie Pie edition!

    Ponyvilles premiere party pony procures postability presently.   It's Pinkie Pie time!  Mane6 has dropped a whole boatload of concept art and general crazyness over in this week's Bite Sized Update.  With animation like that, it's defenitly worth checking out the sketches that lead to it!

    Plus Lauren Faust and Jayson Theissen are now 100% behind it.  Can you beat that? I think not. 

    Head on over to their page here to check it out!
  • YTPMV: The Algar Chiptune 6 Pony Collab / Pony World Tournament - Kanto Gym Leader

    Pokemon and ponies kind of just... works. That one is awesome btw.

    1.) Pony World Tournament - Kanto Gym Leader
    2.) The Algar Chiptune 6 Pony Collab

  • Remix Music: Big Brother Always Watching Forever / Becoming Popular / We're All Hoofed


    We have some steampunk, a bit of dubstep, and a semi-remix of You Gotta Share. Check them out below!

    1.) Big Brother Always Watching Forever
    2.) Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know) - Nexaka Remix
    3.) We're All Hoofed - the Phony Brony

  • Plushie Compilation #74

    Doesn't Doctor Whooves look great in his scarf? No matter what form the Doctor takes he sure does look stylish.

    Plush compilation coming your way! Check them after the break.

    Source 1

  • Convention Compilation - July 28th

    Convention compilation time! We start off with some full on animation straight from Zeldrin and Rina for EQLA!

    And after the break you can find the following:
    • B.U.C.K Ticket Giveaway
    • Virginia Beach Mini-Con Announced!
    • Midwestria General Press Release

  • White Celestia Already Invading Stores

    The white Celestia toy that is currently set to release on the 31st of August on Toys R' Us.com is apparently already showing up in stores.   It isn't known if this was a derp on the distribution end or if they actually just released early at this point, but you may want to call your nearby location if you planned on buying one. 

    Now go find me that Nightmare Moon/Trixie/Scratch set! And Zecoras, I still need an army of those for my upcoming "Project: Glowy Zecora" room.  This one in particular popped up in Wichita KS!  Maybe Google's crazy fiber internet line is being used for some unknown "absorb things from the future" technology as well! I wouldn't be surprised.

      Thanks to Nestor for the image!
  • Comic: Mountainside Monologue / Tom's Secret / Tea-Time with Twilight

    I'd listen to Twilight Sparkle's lectures.  Her friends just need to be more appreciative of her awesome intellect. 

    We also have Rarity discussing her relationship with Tom, and Smartypants being ridiculous.

  • Instrumental Music: Interrobang's Piefect Mash Clash / Friendship, Ticking Away / The Royal Voice

    It's always Dash~

    Actually, there isn't any Dash in here.  They are instrumental though, so you can sit back and dream of Dash while listening right?

    1.) Interrobang's Piefect Mash Clash [VRC-6]
    2.) Ralm - Friendship, Ticking Away
    3.) The Royal Voice - ByCelestiasBeard

  • Livestream Art Request/Challenge!

    Once again my friends we have another art request livestream going on, featuring artists such as Tetrapony, Tridgeon, Toxic-Maro, and FriezPlay! If you're looking to have some requests fulfilled come and join them for a wonderful time this afternoon. The stream starts at 3pm PST / 6pm EST at the stream linked below!

    Livestream Link

    Livestream is over! Thanks for dropping by!
  • Review: Royal Pony Wedding DVD

    As many of you already know, the Royal Canterlot Wedding DVD will be available on August 7th.  Unlike the Australian sets, these follow specific themes.  Most of the episodes in this one take place in Canterlot, aside from Hearts and Hooves Day.  I don't know if it was intentional, but all of the episodes also include at least one major song.

    Head on down past the break for my full review on the Royal Pony Wedding!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #517

    Some say Fluttershy is best pony. I say I would agree.

    Have some art!

    And new banner from  ~t-dijk following the Ponilympics banner event rotation! If you want to enter your own for a slot at the top, hit up this page for information!

    Source 1
    Morning wind

  • Bronyville Live Show Starts In One Hour, Featuring Emmet Hall

    This week on Bronyville, we're going to be talking ponies and sketch comedy with Emmet Hall. He's a Vancouver based storyboarder for DHX as well as a comedian within the local scene.

    For the past five years he's been a member of the Comedy Award nominated Improv group The Sunday Service, who also does a podcast titled- The Sunday Service Presents: A Beautiful Podcast. You can find them on iTunes, and we'll be chatting with him around 12:45pm PDT on this week's show.

    Tune in for our pre-show shenanigans and chatter at Justin.tv/bronyvillepodcast!

  • Game: Twilight Sparkle - Pest Exterminator

    Twilight Sparkle is a talented pony.  She has shown skill in pretty much every form of magic, from basic levitation to mind control.   One thing she always lacked was the ability to set things on fire.  Luckily her teacher is the sun goddess, and Twilight Sparkle learned it faster than anyone! It's time to burn some pests!

    Twilight Sparkle: Pest Exterminator can be found here!
  • (Rumor) Zecora Blindbag Pops Up on Ebay

    Another odd one has shown up from a Chinese seller on Ebay.  Unlike the plushies from a while back, Zecora does specifically match the same style as the other miniature collection set ponies.  We also have the spa ponies popping up on Taobao, so adding Ponyville's resident witch doctor isn't that much of a stretch.

    I wonder who from the mane 6 will be bundled with her?  We can probably assume Rarity or Fluttershy will be included with the spa pony, I can't really think of anyone other than Twilight Sparkle that frequently interacts with Zecora though, and she has already been used!

    Regardless, these sets rock, so keep them coming Hasbro!

    Thanks to Noah for the heads up! 

    (Discord/Trixie/Chrysalis set plz?)
  • Brony Dance Party: Love Me Cheeriele

    These guys be crazy! Love me Cheerilee has been animationated by the Brony Dance Party. Check it out after the break!
  • Instrumental Music: Changeling Kingdom / Everfree Aura / Zecora's Hut

    I wonder if the changeling kingdom really is a giant hive filled with egg chambers and green goo? Sounds kinda creepy really.

    Have some instrumental tracks!

    1.) H215 - Changeling Kingdom EP | Complete set
    2.) Flutter Rex - Everfree Aura
    3.) DasDeer - Zecora's Hut

  • Story Updates July 28th (Morning)

    You gave me a break last night only to flood me today! Have too many story updates.

  • Story: Daylight Burning (Update Complete!)

    [Adventure] [Sci-Fi][Dark]

    Author: Guesswork
    Description: "It's so nice to see you again," said the thing that was not Celestia. "Oh yes, I know who you are, Twilight Sparkle. I had a taste of your magic when we met the first time, remember? Mortals forget things so easily, I find. Allow me to refresh your memory: you tried to kill me. But you failed, Twilight. You only mostly killed me. And do you know what that makes you? One very, very unlucky pony..."
    Daylight Burning (New Part 15!)

    Additional Tags: Action, Horror, Spy, Thriller, No Humans
  • Nightly Roundup #390

    After living with an internet connection that would be put to shame by a 28.8k modem, I'm finally home from vacation and reunited with my normal connection! Thank you Seth and PK for filling in the past couple days, you guys rock!

    Anyhow, time for some news folks!