• Announcing the Remix War, Round V

    The good folks at My Little Remix are putting together the fifth round of their popular Remix Wars competition, starting now through September 1. These competitions aren't about "winning" so much as producing a ton of great music, and this time the sites are set on the brony artists themselves.

    The rules are pretty simple. Find a pre-existing work done by a brony musician and remix it. That's all there is to it. The sky's the limit, so long as the launching pad was built by another brony. If you'd like to try and make the giant compilation we'll be posting at the end of the submission process, then head over here for full rules, get registered, and get remixing!
  • Story: The Other Dentist

    [Comedy][Slice of Life]

    Author: Sorren
    Description: For Colgate, it's just any other day, complete with scared foals, teeth, floss, gigantic caverns, plaque feinds, and an evil oral menace known as Dr. Cavity.

    Just an average day.
    The Other Dentist

    Additional Tags: Dentist, Colagte, Halucinaitons,
  • Music: Archie - 20% Cooler (Club Mix) / Boop (Theme of Marker Pony) / Aquatic Ruin Zone (Cutie Mark Crusaders Mix)

    We have a variety of music this time around.  The first two are instrumental, running with electronic and chiptune/rock respectively, and we finish off with another one of King Spatra's sonicXshow remixes.  Check them out below!

    1.) Archie - 20% Cooler (Club Mix) Download on Soundcloud
    2.) Boop (Theme of Marker Pony) (Bit/rock)
    3.) Aquatic Ruin Zone (Cutie Mark Crusaders Mix) ft. Sylvania Castle Act 3

  • Story: Days like these

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: Storm Clouds
    Description: To be an employee of Photo Finish is a great honor, but it can also be quite tiring at times... Most of the time, actually. Hairspray isn’t one to complain, and like all the others assistants of Equestria’s most famous photographer, she has learned to do her job, and do it well.

    But today is one of those days when everything goes wrong, and Hairspray will have to deal with both Photo Finish' usual temper and the arrogance of another hairdresser who is decided to get the job for herself.
    Days like these

    Additional Tags: Giving forgotten background ponies attention
  • Everfree Northwest Opens Last Minute Registration Again!

    The guys over at Everfree Northwest have once again expanded a bit to allow a few more lucky people in. I doubt this is going to happen again, so if you really wanted to go, this is probably your last shot to get a ticket! Head on down past the break for information on it, as well as a general press release for those that would like to volunteer.

  • Blast from the Past #11

    It's that time of the week again my friends! Time to take a step into the pony past and take a look at some material our younger fans may have missed and give you older fans something to reminisce about.

    As per usual, this feature would not be possible without you all, so keep sending in your material to either my email at calpain@equestriadaily.com or to my Twitter account: @CalpainEqD 

    Step into our time machine after the break! (Don't worry, it's Equestrian Innovations certified!)

  • Vocal Music: Rainbow (feat. Feather) / My Little Dashie Tribute / Trixie's Ballad

    Apparently you are all in love with Rainbow Dash or something! Actually, this is a narcissist pony post, because Trixie snuck in too!

    We have some rap, a revamp of the MLD track from a while, back, and a Trixie ballad. Check them all out below!

    1.) Koroshi-Ya - Rainbow (feat. Feather)
    2.) My Little Dashie Tribute (Original Song) [Remastered]
    3.) Trixie's Ballad - An Original Song by Project 4@4

  • Random Merch: Backpacks, Shirts, and More!

    Now, I'm not one for fashion trends, but that backpack seems almost too small.  Rainbow Dash makes a pretty good DJ though!  I wonder if we will ever see anyone other than Welovefine and Hot Topic roll with Vinyl Scratch? At least Spencers (the store this one was found) is trying!  You can pick this one up for $19.99.

    Continue on past the break for more random merch! 

  • Guess the Character Event: Results!

    The results are in! We asked for your renditions of the potential new character (Spoilers!), and yo delivered! A few are completely off the wall, while many seemed to aim for a more average look.   Head on past the break to check out all the entries!

    (And again, potential unconfirmed spoilers!)

  • Online Game: Pony Tactics

    I know a bunch of you guys are into Fire Emblem, and I know a bunch of the old crowd probably loves them some Final Fantasy Tactics.  It's time to ponify it, and play it online! 

    The Lunar Republic and Solar Empire have apparently recruited a bunch of changelings who are stuck as the mane cast.  Hire an army with your initial bank of 10 bits and send them at each other in the ultimate pony war!

    (We can finally do something with that ridiculous trope)

    I couldn't get public games to work, but connecting privately is pretty simple.  If you played the Rainbow Dash one a while back, it's the same deal. 

    Now get down there in the comments and battle it out! For the SOLAR EMPIRE!

    (I actually prefer the Lunar Republic, but Celestia is fine too)

    Sending in the scourges! 
  • Music: Calm Before The Storm / Fluttershy befriends Lyra / Super Twilight 64

    We have a little bit of everything this time around. First off is a new instrumental orchestral track from Woody, followed by a Lyra remix of Fluttershy's Lullaby, and we finish off with Twilight Sparkle invading the mushroom kingdom vocal track. Check them out below!

    1.) Calm Before The Storm - Woody
    2.) Mogul Dash - Fluttershy befriends Lyra (Allegro Lullaby)
    3.) Super Twilight 64

  • Drawfriend Stuff #510

    Pinkie Pie is going to completely trash that thing within the hour, I guarantee it. 

    I thought it was going to be a short one today, but then it wasn't! Have a bunch of art.

    Source 1
    Let Them Eat Cake

  • Howard Stern - The Lost Files

    Apparently there is a wrap up style show that happens after a Howard Stern episode on their satellite radio channel, and someone managed to record it.  Howard himself is not present, but a couple of the other ones are.

    While most of it is negative, one of the hosts actually sounds like he gave the show a shot, though every sentence he says has an escape clause attached just in case they start to think he is into it.  It's almost funny in a way, sort of like elementary school kids trying to sound cool by singing songs about Barney the Dinosaur being set on fire. 

    Anyway, check out the short recording after the break!

  • Convention Roundup - July 21st

    We had to wait a bit on the convention roundup, but here you go!
    • Galacon Press Release + Twilight Sparkle VA's around the world join licious!
    • EQLA Announces John Joseco
    Press releases after the break! 

  • Story Updates July 21st (Midnight)

    Opera and Ponies! It's time for story updates.

  • Story: Anthropology (Update Complete!)


    Author: JasonTheHuman
    Description: The story of Lyra's lifelong search for the truth about humans
    Anthropology (New Part 31!)

    Additional Tags: Humans, Myths, Conspiracy, Reverse-furry, Hands