• Random Merch: Backpacks, Shirts, and More!

    Now, I'm not one for fashion trends, but that backpack seems almost too small.  Rainbow Dash makes a pretty good DJ though!  I wonder if we will ever see anyone other than Welovefine and Hot Topic roll with Vinyl Scratch? At least Spencers (the store this one was found) is trying!  You can pick this one up for $19.99.

    Continue on past the break for more random merch! 

    Old Navy has also jumped on the pony train, with a Rainbow Dash shirt.  Sadly there isn't a male version.  They will get the hint eventually!  All these new retailers just need to figure out the market is all! Thanks to Sabrina for this and the mini-backpack.

    And not to be outdone by either Old Navy or Spencers, another store called Murdawg in Calgary now has this shirt available.  It looks like they even busted out their own custom vector for it.  At a whopping 27 bucks, it's a bit pricey. Thanks to Hope Loneheart for the image!

    These backpacks are starting to all blend together for me, but I'm pretty sure this is a new one.   You can find it at a store called Argos online for just £6.59.

    They also have a duvet pony set.   I actually had to wiki what that exactly it was, and the results put it between a sleeping mat and a bed.  It has ponies on it though, so it doesn't matter what it is.  This one is once again available at Argos for £24.99.  Thanks to Lunar Rays for digging that website for us! 

    And that about covers it.  Hopefully your rooms, shirts, and backs will be pony filled for years to come!