• Convention Roundup - July 21st

    We had to wait a bit on the convention roundup, but here you go!
    • Galacon Press Release + Twilight Sparkle VA's around the world join licious!
    • EQLA Announces John Joseco
    Press releases after the break! 

     Galacon Press Release

    Dear loyal subjects,

    we got some rather unpleasant news, but nothing that should spoil your fun or your attendance at Galacon.
    You might have noticed that we have a document on our website now that handles legal guardianship for minors. You can find it HERE.{{http://www.grand-galloping-gala.eu/images/galaconguardiandocument.pdf}}

    Even if you attend the convention without a legal guardian, you HAVE to get this filled out by your parents or a parental figure if you are a minor under the age of 18. The city of Stuttgart reminded us specifically so there’s always a contact reachable in case something happens (like, against all odds, Galacon becomes Burnycon #2).

    You can attend the convention without a legal guardian present as a minor under the age of 18, no problem. However, you have to adhere to German youth laws: All 14 and 15 year olds have to leave the event and go to their rooms at 22:00/10 PM, all 16 and 17 year olds at 23:00/11 PM.

    We are obligated to check your ID at 22:00 and 23:00, so please check that you will definitely bring the following things:

    - A valid piece of ID (passport, ID card, driver license)
    - Confirmation of payment for your ticket and your ticket ID (the tickets are bound to your person!)
    - Your convention-ready suitcase and a smile
    Wear your ticket badge visible on your body at all times. For a cosplay photo or two, you can turn it behind your back, but that’s it.
    Watch for the following colors:

    - Red and Pink = Staff
    - Green = Members of press and media
    - Blue = Vendors
    - Purple = Guests of Honor
    - Black and White = Guards
    - Yellow = You, our attendees!
    The badges and the matching colored lanyards will help you determine the status of any given person on convention grounds.

    Last but not least, we got to inform you about an NDA (nondisclosure agreement) important for the Voice Actor Panel:
    Our guests are sadly not allowed to reply to any questions regarding the production of European dubs of season 2. The actors are however allowed to generally talk about season 2 and their opinions regarding the episodes.
    Additionally, we still hope for fanarts of the VA OCs for the panel!

    Sorry for boring you with legal mumbojumbo but it’s important stuff, so please keep it in mind. Take care!

    Your Galacon team

    Also have some Twilight Sparkle

    EQLA Announces John Joseco

    ANAHEIM, CALIF. – July 11, 2012 – Equestria LA (EQLA) is pleased to announce that well-known brony community artist John Joseco will be attending this year’s Equestria LA Convention as a guest of honor! A talented and prolific artist within the brony community, John is widely known for his pony artwork on deviantART, being featured on Equestria Daily numerous times. Along with his pony artwork, John is also the writer and illustrator of his own webcomic, the Lounge. We are very excited that he will be joining us this year at Equestria LA’s debut among the many artists, musicians, and notable figures within the brony fandom.