• 8bit Comic Con Pony Game!

    This is seriously the best thing ever. The Hub is the best company ever. The code is HUBMLP8BIT.  Now go play it!
  • More Comic Con Updates!

    Updates and interesting tidbits of information keep trickling in about Hasbro's presence over at Comic Con! Two new pictures have popped up thanks to Lysander who took these with his phone. On the left looks like a pass for some delicious pancakes courtesy of the Hub while on the right we have a poster showing 2012's Design a Pony Finalist! Apparently the blue pony in the foreground, Tinker, won the contest.

    Furthermore, Lysander asked the Hasbro booth about the banner they are using and apparently it is a CCI exclusive poster, with the banner in question possibly being the one mentioned in Seth's post here.

    Looks like a fun time so far! Are any of you at Comic Con? If so, share your pony experiences so far in the comments!

    Update: A new pic from Lysander of the booth and a look at some merch and props at the Hasbro booth thanks to Whatshisgame! Look at that Derpy!

  • Music: Deep Impact // Pink Eastwood // Time Goes By //

    Seth's gone, post Rarity!

    Time for a vocal music post! This hour we have a song for the community, a song originally by Gorillaz, and a song for Dr. Whooves!

    1) Tuner Symphon (Ft. DJ Whitescream) - Deep Impact
    2) Pink Eastwood (MLJ 1-25)
    3) Peak Freak - Time Goes By

  • Anderson Cooper Suddenly Grew Attatched to Colorful Equines

    It is completely ridiculous, but we have grown to expect that out of the internet by now.   Have Anderson Cooper joining the herd in song form.  (After the break)
  • Doctor Whooves Officially named Dr. Hooves

    Over on Welovefine, a recent Nouveau shirt went up dedicated to everyone's favorite whoovian.   Apparently it has a bit of backstory to it!  While Hasbro was unable to name him Doctor Whooves as we have rolled with since he popped up way back in season one, they do acknowledge that his actual name is Dr. Hooves.

     (Guy Brand is from Welovefine)

     A pretty awesome compromise if you ask me, and it keeps the legal teams happy. 

    Honestly, Timeturner was growing on me, but fanon won this battle!

    Thanks to ace reporter Whatshisgame yet again for digging all of this up.
  • Comic Con Hasbro Brooth Pre-Show Images

    Geekscape has uploaded a few images of the Hasbro Booth while it was under contruction at Comic Con.  The most notable point of interest here is that massive pony banner.  Pretty much all of our fan favorites are present and accounted for, including Derpy right up there front and center.  Remember when she was just an animation error? 

    And more proof Trixie is the element of antagonism in season 3. You heard it here first!

    Check out Geekscape's gallery here!

  • Equestria Inquirer #44 + Meghan Mccarthy, Nicole Oliver, and Tara Strong Bronycon Interviews

     It's the 44th installment of the Equestria Inquirer this time around, have some copy paste:
    "The 4th wall falls completely apart as the Equestria Inquirer covers Bronycon and Humancon! And both are on fire! The video version of this week's episode covers the best of EQI at Bronycon. And the print version twists it into something wonderful. Or horrible. Or edible (it's not edible). Thanks for watching everypony!"
    The text issue is here, and the video after the break! 

    They also recently uploaded their final few Bronycon interviews:

    Tara Strong
    Meghan McCarthy
    Nicole Oliver

    It's a regular Inquirerpalooza!

  • Michelle Creber Hosting Upcoming Album Tracks on Youtube, Plus a Bonus Live Show with Mandopony

    As many of you have probably realized by now, Michelle Creber (Applebloom) is once again posting music over on her Youtube page.  While not entirely pony related, her skills are definitely impressive, and you should all go follow her!

    Why do you ask? It's quite simple actually!

    How often do people from a show collaborate with people from the fanbase?  It doesn't happen every day! Mandopony and Michelle have been doing all sorts of neat projects with each other, including a live show recently uploaded to Mando's Youtube page. 

    Anyway, check out her page here, and two of the teasers from her upcoming album after the break!
  • Canterlot Gardens Announces Nicole Oliver

    Canterlot Gardens seems to have snagged another VA from the show, this time securing Nicole Oliver! Check out their press release on this and other developments after the break.

  • Story: The Ballad of Big (Update Part 3!)


    Author: Sabre
    Description: "Big" Jim Cooley: the stallion that everypony in Buck City looks up to, both in fear and awing respect. His skill out on the plains is matched only by his madly inflated ego.

    Applejack, set out west to seek fortune as a cattle wrangler, gets pulled into an adventure that she can't possibly turn down. But when she finds out this "typical" cattle run is a suicide mission that goes right across Buck City's desolate and savage-ridden plains, will she ditch a chance at the opportunity of a lifetime?

    A quirky little western roughly inspired by the song Ballad of Big by Genesis.
    The Ballad of Big (New Part 3!)

    Additional Tags: Wild West, Applejack Adventure, Bittersweet
  • Story: Visionary (Update Side Story!)

    [Adventure] [Shipping] [Slice of Life]

    Author: Razorbeam
    Description: After Chrysalis' failure to steal the love of Equestria, she is removed from the throne. Now the changeling people has their first chance in known history to try something new, to seek a more fulfilling way of life. To do something truly visionary.
    Wings of Courage (Side Story!)

    Additional Tags: Adventure, Philosophy, Power, Growth, Intrigue
  • Drawfriend Stuff #500

    Drawfriend #500 edition! Holy moley have we really had that many of these things already? Well, here's to another 500, so have some Rarity to celebrate! (Now Cereal won't hurt me)
    More pony art after the break!

    Source 1

  • PMV/Animation: Want It, Need It, (Hold Me)

    Twilight Sparkle losing her mind? Lesson Zero? I'm in!  This is probably one of the best PMV's ever, with a healthy dose of animation to top it off.  Check it out after the break!

  • Merch: New Apparel from Andrew W.K. and ThinkGeek!

    Looks like ThinkGeek has released some pony apparel for you guys to buy up! Even though the Rainbow Dash hoodie can be found on WeLoveFine, it's nice to see other places picking up pony merch! Andrew W.K. also has some new pony merchandise out in the form of a Pinkie Pie 'Party Hard' shirt. It's limited edition so buy it before it's gone forever!

    Check out the Pinkie shirt and store link after the break! Shirt does contain some blood, so just a warning for the squeamish.

  • Trailers: Pony Trailer: Terminator 3 (Sweetie Belle) // Ace Combat 5 - Magic Combat Generations Trailer //

    Who doesn't like Luna? Er, I mean, who doesn't like pony trailers? We don't get enough of these that are good!

    We have this hour one for Terminator (which is double funny because it stars Sweetie Belle) and one for Ace Combat 5. Check em out!

    1) Pony Trailer: Terminator 3 (Sweetie Belle)
    2) Ace Combat 5 - Magic Combat Generations Trailer

  • Music: "Up Her Sleeve" // Giggle At The Ghostie // I Am No Hero //

    Bubbles. :>

    Time for an old-fashioned music post! Wait, I use that introduction too much. Hold on.

    Musics on the intertubes! We have one instrumental, one remix, and one vocal track today. Kick it!

    1) "Up Her Sleeve" - HeyLasFas
    2) Pinkie Pie & CFO - Giggle At The Ghostie
    3) [REMASTERED] I Am No Hero - Original MLP song by MandoPony

  • Blind Bag "Blue" Set (Wave 4) Identified

    We dropped some information on the "purple" wave 3 blindbags the other night, but those aren't the only ones showing up on store shelves.  The "blue" wave four set is also available, composed completely of metallic/sparkly ponies.   It's also the set with the Great and Powerful Lulamoon.

    After the break, you will find a listing of all the numbers and corresponding ponies.   Thanks to Joseph for compiling them all!

  • Pony Trading Cards Officially Released!

    I told them to make a banner, and make a banner they did! The pony trading cards officially release today, and as many of you have noticed in the past few weeks as they float around the internet, they were tailored by bronies and filled with all sorts of neat references only we would get.  

    Toywiz started shipping them a few days ago, along with a few other websites.  Right now they will primarily be invading hobby stores, with plans to release them at the big retailers in a week.  Unfortunately they are only available in the USA and Canada right now, but hopefully we will see them pop up overseas in the coming weeks!

    Now go buy them and send me all the foils and Trixies.  I require a full set for free! Get on it!