• More Comic Con Updates!

    Updates and interesting tidbits of information keep trickling in about Hasbro's presence over at Comic Con! Two new pictures have popped up thanks to Lysander who took these with his phone. On the left looks like a pass for some delicious pancakes courtesy of the Hub while on the right we have a poster showing 2012's Design a Pony Finalist! Apparently the blue pony in the foreground, Tinker, won the contest.

    Furthermore, Lysander asked the Hasbro booth about the banner they are using and apparently it is a CCI exclusive poster, with the banner in question possibly being the one mentioned in Seth's post here.

    Looks like a fun time so far! Are any of you at Comic Con? If so, share your pony experiences so far in the comments!

    Update: A new pic from Lysander of the booth and a look at some merch and props at the Hasbro booth thanks to Whatshisgame! Look at that Derpy!