• Blind Bag "Blue" Set (Wave 4) Identified

    We dropped some information on the "purple" wave 3 blindbags the other night, but those aren't the only ones showing up on store shelves.  The "blue" wave four set is also available, composed completely of metallic/sparkly ponies.   It's also the set with the Great and Powerful Lulamoon.

    After the break, you will find a listing of all the numbers and corresponding ponies.   Thanks to Joseph for compiling them all!

    Series #    Pony Name
    80216    Applejack (SPARKLY CLEAR)
    80226    Fluttershy (SPARKLY CLEAR)
    80236    Trixie Lulamoon (SPARKLY CLEAR)
    80246    Crimson Gala (SPARKLY CLEAR)
    80256    Minuette (SPARKLY CLEAR) (a.k.a. Colgate)
    80266    Royal Riff (SPARKLY CLEAR)
    80276    Pinkie Pie (SPARKLY CLEAR)
    80286    Merry May (SPARKLY CLEAR)
    80296    Electric Sky (SPARKLY CLEAR)
    81206    Chance-A-Lot (SPARKLY CLEAR)
    81216    Berry Green (SPARKLY CLEAR)
    81226    Rarity (METALLIC SHIMMER)
    81236    Twilight Sparkle (SPARKLY CLEAR)
    81246    Rarity (SPARKLY CLEAR)
    81256    Sassaflash (SPARKLY CLEAR)
    81266    Peachy Sweet (SPARKLY CLEAR)
    81276    Twilight Sky (SPARKLY CLEAR)
    81286    Applejack (METALLIC SHIMMER)
    81296    Rainbow Dash (SPARKLY CLEAR)
    82206    Mosely Orange (SPARKLY CLEAR) (a.k.a. Uncle Orange)
    82216    Amethyst Star (SPARKLY CLEAR)
    82226    Twilight Velvet (SPARKLY CLEAR)
    82236    Shoeshine (SPARKLY CLEAR)
    82246    Pinkie Pie (METALLIC SHIMMER)

    He also has a running google spreadsheet with all three sets here

    We also have galleries of each below from Mkanke:

    Purple Set
    Blue Set

    He also wanted to give a shoutout to the Gulf Coast Bronies, and Fraging is Magic groups! So, have a shoutout!