• Nightly Roundup #373

    Oh Celestia, I understand the horrors of paperwork. Hold in there!

    News time you guys! You ready?

  • More Shots of the Comic Con Pony Trolley

    Prince Hoshito has sent over a gallery of pictures from the Comic Con Trolley that will be rolling around San Diego for the next few days.  We have already seen a video of the thing, but the posters were somewhat difficult to read.  Luckily he has captured them all! Check posters out below, and find more images at his gallery here!

  • Vocal Music: Close to Cadence / Stormy Pony / Nobody Loves Applejack

    We have a parody, 7 minutes of blues (With very little vocal, but I figured I'd put it in here anyway!), and a song all about poor, downtrodden, and forgotten Applejack. Check them out below.

    1.) Close to Cadence (Carpenter's - Close to You)
    2.) Zonak & LyokoFreaks - Stormy Pony (feat. Cyril the Wolf)
    3.) Nobody Loves Applejack - Hergest Ridge feat. Cyril The Wolf

  • Trixie Made from Pixie Sticks - The Video

    We have been trying to convince the guy that creates ponies out of random food/candy items in the roundups to upload videos instead, epic meal time style.  He's about halfway there now with his first filmed pony creation! Now all we need is a group of ridiculous bearded hosts, a youtube page with over a million subscribers, and BACON.

    Check out Trixie being created out of Pixie Sticks, culinary style, below!

  • Moonstuck! Part 2

    The highly anticipated second installment of the Luna quest Moonstuck has been released! Watch, as an army of ridiculous tumblr bronies command the poor pony to do all sorts of completely ridiculous things.

    After the break of course.

    Or check part 1 out here if you need a refresher. 

  • Comic: What Could Possibly Go Wrong / Eggecutive Chef / The Good One

    Twilight, from your last experience you should have learned not to mess with time by now. Oh well, she'll learn someday.

    Comics guys! Click for full.

  • Cindy Morrow Joins Twitter!

    Amy Keating Rogers would like you all to know that fellow MLP:FiM writer Cindy Morrow has joined the Twitter horde! As the writer of such episodes as Winter Wrap Up and Sisterhooves Social, I'm sure she'd appreciate some love from the fans!

    You know what to do folks! Click and follow her Twitter below!

    Cindy Morrow's Twitter Account
  • Tumblr Spotlight: Ask My Little Chubbies

    Going to BronyCon reminded me that I had forgotten to spotlight this tumblr! I'm sure whether you follow Ask My Little Chubbies or not, you've undoubtedly seen the cute little guys somewhere in the pony fandom. Starring the ever adorable chubbies, Ask My Little Chubbies features questions and adventures that only the chubbiest of ponies could get in to! 

    So, if you're looking for an excuse to die from a cute induced heart attack and/or in a mood for some lighthearted fun, check out the link to the tumblr below!

    Ask My Little Chubbies
  • Merch: Briefcases, Shirts, Zip Cases, and More!

    We have a whole mess of merch for you all to absorb into your already pony-filled lives.  It is rumored that people that wear a certain amount of it actually phase into Equestria for a short period of time.  We haven't been able to confirm that yet though, because Europe keeps getting it all!

    The image above displays a couple of items found at a store called "Aldi" or "Hofer in Europe.  I'm not too sure what to call the zip things, but the other items look to be a makeshift suitcase and a folder.  If those cases are empty, I'm sure they could be used to hold a portable gaming device or something.   Thanks to Arno for the image.

    (More after the break) 

  • Story Updates July 10th (Evening)

    Story updates you say? Sure, have a few.

  • What do you want to see from us at Everfree Northwest?

    So, we're aware that our panel at Bronycon wasn't the most exciting thing in the world! Honestly, we were a little under prepared and overwhelmed at the same time. For Everfree Northwest, though (which Seth, I, Xyro, and PK will be attending) we're determined to make our panel segment fun and interesting for you guys.

    That's where you guys come in!

    This is your open floor: what do you want to see from us at the panel? We'll look over every suggestion and make a coordinated effort to include everything interesting that we can.

    Have at it!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #499

    New template edition! Cereal Velocity decided to use that coding title I gave him a few months ago and build a compiler for Drawfriend.  The only change for you guys is the added benefit of a title.

    I said Pinkie Pie has the best eyes yesterday, but then I remembered Fluttershy.  So have some of that. 

    Source 1
    Shining Fluttershy
  • PMV: Don't You Worry Now Scootaloo - Coconeru

    Scootalove is best love.  Remember back in the day when people would actually have Rainbow Dash abuse her? What monsters...  I'm glad we went this route instead! 

  • Top 10 Community Voted Songs of June

    You guys voted, and these are the winners.  The top community voted tracks of June have been chosen.  It looks like a whole bunch of Balloon Party tracks snuck in, as well as some vocal stuff.  Check them all out in the video after the break!

  • Wallpaper Compilation #58

    I really want to see that hobbit movie.  I don't even remember the book.

    Have some wallpapers!

  • Music: I hate losing / Streets of Manehattan / In the Dragon's Heart

    We have a mix of music this time around.  Rap, Electronic, and orchestral. 

    1.) I hate losing - Taps ( Upcoming Main6 Album )
    2.) Colortwelve & Kyoga ft. Ibeabronyrapper - Streets of Manehattan
    3.) In the Dragon's Heart

  • Letters to Celestia Contest

    The Dennis Daniel Show is running a Letters to Celestia Contest for the upcoming Nicole Oliver interview. Apparently they are going to be picking the best of the best and reading it to the princess herself. 

    Head on over to this page to check out the rules!
  • Simple PMV: In Wonder - Aviators / Daylight In Ponyville / No Easy Way Out / Send Me an Angel

    Time to bring out the classics! It's Simple PMV time.Just Ponies and music. 

    1.) PMV - In Wonder - Aviators
    2.)[PMV] Daylight In Ponyville
    3.) MLP:FiM Season 2 Tribute [PMV]: "No Easy Way Out"
    4.)Send Me an Angel

  • Suddenly I want to play zelda

  • Nightly Roundup #372

    We really need more details on Twilight Sparkle time spent as a student under Celestia's tutelage. Should make for an interesting episode or two!

    Anyway, not much news tonight, so have a short roundup!