• Merch: Briefcases, Shirts, Zip Cases, and More!

    We have a whole mess of merch for you all to absorb into your already pony-filled lives.  It is rumored that people that wear a certain amount of it actually phase into Equestria for a short period of time.  We haven't been able to confirm that yet though, because Europe keeps getting it all!

    The image above displays a couple of items found at a store called "Aldi" or "Hofer in Europe.  I'm not too sure what to call the zip things, but the other items look to be a makeshift suitcase and a folder.  If those cases are empty, I'm sure they could be used to hold a portable gaming device or something.   Thanks to Arno for the image.

    (More after the break) 

    Play.com has put up a whole pile of new pony stuff.   More panties, a scarf and shirt combo, and puzzles galore can all be found in their My Little Pony section (Along with a whole bunch of those g3.5 ponies, yikes!)

    They also have an artist pad for all you people running around with sketchbooks that I ran into at Bronycon.  Might as well right?  Thanks to Shukie for the heads up!

    Image by Pindrop

    And finally, Sears is starting to stock shirts in their actual stores now as opposed to just online.   Pindrop sends this from a recent adventure into the heart of mall based clothing megolith. 

    They also made a good point! Apparently way back in the day we joked around about pony shirts never breaching stores like Hot Topic in one of our early fandom posts.  I guess that changed!