• Nightly Roundup #372

    We really need more details on Twilight Sparkle time spent as a student under Celestia's tutelage. Should make for an interesting episode or two!

    Anyway, not much news tonight, so have a short roundup!

    Phoe Starts LP of Pony Fantasy 6!

    Our resident gamer Phoe is at it again with another pony video game mod! After saving Hyrule with the help of our favorite mail mare Derpy, Phoe is off to save the world in Pony Fantasy 6 with the help of our favorite pony friends. Join Phoe as she goes on another adventure filled with pony fun! You can find her channel and a link to the first video down below.

    Phoe's Youtube Channel
    Pony Fantasy 6 LP Episode 1

    Nom Nom, Cake!

    Pony Pops up in Swedish Newspaper

    Pony has popped up in another newspaper, this time in Sweden! We really are all over the world, aren't we? Thanks to a helpful brony we also have a translation of the article for you all to check out! It stays surprisingly neutral with a small hint of positivity. Such a contrast from articles a year ago!

    Translated Article
    Original Article

    Writer's Training Grounds Celebrating One Year Anniversary!

    Much like the Artist's Training Grounds, the Writer's Training Grounds is also celebrating one year of pony magic and wishes to give a shout out to everyone out there who has enjoyed their work over the past year. Not only that, but they are moving to a new website and welcome anyone who is interested to join. Here's to another year you guys! Check out their message below:

    "Hey, folks! Whiteout here, the current admin of the Writer's Training Grounds, long-running fiction sibling to the Artist's Training Gounds Alumni over on DeviantArt.  We post bi-weekly fiction topics, and give exposure and a touch of criticism to written works submitted to us on that topic, with essentially the same content restrictions against explicit gore and clop as EqD. Over the last year, our members have submitted 782 fics, several of which have gone on to feature on Equestria Daily.

     Given the expansion of other, better hosting opportunities for pony fiction in the last year, we've decided to celebrate our one year anniversary by moving out onto our own website.  Given the recent ATGA plug, I was hoping that EqD might be willing to give us a bit of a signal boost to help all the people who aren't DeviantArt regulars to realize that we exist, and have some idea what we do.

    Our original site is :  mlp-wtg.deviantart.com

    The new site, which is ready now but goes live with our first topic of the new year in six days, can be found at : wtg.training-grounds.com."


    Pony Up - Episode 1


    Successful Meetups

    MLP-LA Successful Meetups

    Costa Rica Meetup

    Stockholm, Sweden Meetup


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Wind Gap, Pennsylvania

    Copy Paste:
    Starting a Brony Meet Up in Wind Gap, Pennsylvania (Address - 835 Jacobsburg Rd. Wind Gap, Pennsylvania) at Jacobsburg State Park. Date is going to be on August 11, Starting around  12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    All are welcome and if you could bring some snacks and drinks it would be most appreciated.
    Please Email me here to let me know if you are coming! - foxbronymeetup@gmail.com

    Youtube video more in-depth explanation


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Talking Spitfire Plush
    Trixie Plush