• Discussion: Hang With a Pony For a Month, Then Implode

    Trixie has once again summoned you to Equestria, because why not? She's great and powerful, she can do anything she damn well pleases.

    Unfortunately, something screwed up the spell (Trixie is 100% sure the shopkeeper mixed up the crushed ginseng with mandrake root, woops), and you have a month to live.  Because she can't have you running around Equestria unattended, you are being assigned the pony of your choice to hang with.   You will have one month to do anything you damn well please with them before a micro black hole rips you apart atom by atom in the blink of an eye (Trixie assures you that you won't feel a thing).  Might as well make the best of it right?

    Choose a pony.  It can be a mane cast pony,  a background pony, or even a statue of a pony. Hell, Trixie is throwing the original Fallout Equestria cast (In colorful Equestria, not wasteland) and Nyx into the mix for all you fanfic fiends too!

    Choose what you want to do with said pony for a month.  Maybe hang with Twilight and read books? Create a makeshift hanglider and fly around with Dash?  Serve Trixie's every need as a stagehand with absolutely no pay or benefits? It's up to you!

    The spell is irreversible, so choose wisely!

    (Thanks to the caller during the EQD/Bronyville Livestream for the idea!)