• More German CD's and DVD's

    A while back, we announced a few German CD's with the episodes on them, as well as a few DVD's.  It looks like the next wave is  are listed on Amazon.de

    Ace freelance reporter Whatshisgame has once again compiled a list for us (along with images and links, I should probably just have him post these!) of probable content from all sorts of crazy digging in the brand licensing area. 
    • CDs:
      • Angeber-Trixie:
        • “Griffon the Brush Off”
        • “Boast Busters”
      • Die Pyjama-Party:
        • “Dragonshy”
        • “Look Before You Sleep”
    • DVDs:
      • Die Pyjama-Party:
        • “Dragonshy”
        • “Look Before You Sleep”
        • “Bridle Gossip”
      • Etwas ganz Besonderes:
        • “Swarm of the Century”
        • “Winter Wrap Up”
        • “Call of the Cutie”

    I looks like a release date of August 10th is expected, so German Trixie's Dazzling performance will just have to wait another month before seeing the light of day!