• Comic: Warhorse / Breakdown

    I used to have a group of friends that would bug me constantly about Berserk.  I never did get into it though.  I've heard its pretty popular regardless!   It also has giant swords, which is always fun.  This is actually a multi-parter with 7 pages currently. Start here and continue in the description!

    And if you love seeing Applejack cry, have some sad Applejack below.

  • Top 10 Pony Video Voting for June

    June is coming to a close, and as we move on to July, its time once again to reflect on our Youtube accomplishments for the past month.  The top 10 video voting has begun, and it needs you to throw your opinion into the mix! Check out the video after the break to help out!

  • Story Updates June 29th (Evening)

    Story updates? Story updates. 

  • Lauren Faust Joins the Twitter Herd!

    It looks like Tara Strong has claimed yet another brony idol for the Twitter herd! Lauren Faust has officially signed up for an account.  She needs some followers though! You know what to do.
  • Hub Releasing Friendship is Magic Motivational Posters Exclusive to Comic Con

    Comic Con just got even better! It looks like The Hub will have motivation posters up for grabs, each depicting a different pony and their specific awesomeness with a quote at the bottom to finish it off.  Head on over to Geekscape to check out the full set of them!
  • Bronycon Livestream Reminders + One tonight!

    Catching up on today's news, so expect a few to pop up. As most of you know, Tomorrow is the official start date for Bronycon. We have two services up and running to stream it for all of you that can't be here in person.

    We also have one happening tonight, going by the name of the pre-Bronycon Concert. You can find that one here!

    Anyway, continue on after the break for tomorrow's livestream information!

  • Welovefine "My Favorite Pony" Contests

    Welovefine recently ran a Facebook poll asking who your favorite pony was.  The top three at the end turned out to be Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Fluttershy.  In typical Welovefine fashion, it's time for a contest! 

    Each pony has a separate one initially, with awards running everywhere from 500$ for first prize and 100$ for three runner ups, but on top of that, the 5 winners in each category will be forwarded up to a finale contest for a prize of a whopping $3000 bucks!  It sounds like you vector artists and designers have your work cut out for you!

    Each pony's page and their specific sections can be found below!

    Twilight Sparkle (Guest judge Tara Strong Herself!) 
    Twilight Sparkle is the unicorn pony with the mighty power of magic, and a brilliant head on her shoulders too - who doesn't love her?! Ponyville's cleverest magical apprentice and the leader of the Mane Six has many fans, and we just know all of you will come up with cool designs featuring her! Oh, and how about a totally Twilightlicious guest judge to boot? - that's right, we've got the one and only Tara Strong joining us to choose our judge's pick! So fans get your creative minds ready and get your designs started!
    Fluttershy (Guest judge Andrea Libman!)

    So you're a Fluttershy fan, huh? It's hard not to fall in love with the gentlest, kindest pegasus pony in Equestria - she might have a tiny, soft voice but she's got an enormous heart, and her sweetness is totally endearing. Plus, kind to animals - how can you not love that?! She's just delightful, and we are sure that all of her fans will come up with some awesome designs for her own contest. Meanwhile, who else could we get to be our super-special guest judge for a Fluttershy extravaganza than the actress who provides her voice, the wonderful Andrea Libman! So fans get your creative minds ready and get your designs started!
    Rainbow Dash (Guest TBA!)
    Okay, loyal Rainbow Dash fans - it's time to take to the skies and submit some awesome designs that are at least 20% Cooler, if not MORE! If you just can't get enough aerial acrobatics from the brash, high-flying tomboy pegasus with the rockin' rainbow mane, now is your chance to soar and create some truly terrific designs. Guest judge TBA.

    Good luck guys! 
  • Map of Equestria 2.0

    A long time ago in a blog post far far away, we posted about an in-progress rough map of ponyville that actually did a pretty good job of interpreting the episodes and placing buildings accordingly.   Season two completely changed it all though.  The creator of the first one has redone it to reflect the Equestria we know now.

    It's not the prettiest thing to look at, but it does do a good job of staying accurate to the show.   Someone get this guy a 3D artist and convert it into a Google Earth mod! (Does Google Earth have mods?).

    You can find all of the maps on his deviant art page, or at the specific links below:

    Plain map
    Labeled map
    Photo Guide

    He also created a guide to all of the buildings we have seen in Friendship is Magic so far.  Check that out here!
  • Story: The Assassination of Braeburn by the Coward Dirty Rich

    [Dark] [Slice of Life]

    Author: DawnFade
    Description: Applejack recounts the events surrounding her cousin's death to an interested stranger over a bottle of hard cider.

    A short tale of unspoken retribution, wild-west style.

    The Assassination of Braeburn by the Coward Dirty Rich

    Additional Tags: Apple Flavoured Justice Served Cold
  • Music: Dreamin' in the Skies // Discord's Game // The Battle For Appleoosa //

    As below, so above and beyond, I imagine
    drawn beyond the lines of reason.
    Push the envelope. Watch it bend.

    I hope you're still not ready for words in your music, cause there's a lack of them here! Today we have a Rainbow Dash, a Discord, and something about Appleoosa. Enjoy! I'm probably on a plane pretending to be Rainbow Dash anyway.

    1) Gravey - Dreamin' in the Skies
    2) Legion - Discord's Game
    3) Muffinz - The Battle For Appleoosa

  • Pipe Cleaner Ponies Return!

    Our neighborhood pipe cleaner pony crafter returns to us with more awesome creations! I still can't believe you can actually make such elaborate pieces from nothing but a really fuzzy wire. Check out Ponycrafter's goodies after the break!

  • Music: Your Princess Enjoys This! // Harmony // Twist & Clank, Watch your flank! //

    All you will know-
    give me your heart-
    give me your soul!
    I'll tear it apart,
    so long as you'll never let me go!

    Instrumental time for the musics that don't have of those word things! We have a Luna, a drum and bass, and the fourth part of the MLP:RPG soundtrack! Enjoy!

    1) Your Princess Enjoys This! - Peacock
    2) DerpyCrash - Harmony - Liquid DnB
    3) Twist & Clank, Watch your flank! (MLP:FIM RPG Soundtrack)

  • Story: Origins of Sunny Town (Update Part 2+3!)

    [Sci-fi] [Dark]  

    "This story is a prime example of adaptation done correctly. It respects the source material, but adds enough flair of its own to be an enjoyable work in its own right." 

    - Pre-Reader who likes sky pirates

    Author: Zero Zivan
    Description: A recounting of the story of Sunny Town inspired by Story of the Blanks, with permission from the author.
    Origins of Sunny Town
    Origins of Sunny Town Part 2 (New!)
    Origins of Sunny Town Part 3 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Adventurous, dark, mysterious, scary, creative
  • Game: Super Speedy Cider 6000

    Time to buck some apples! This DDR style game designed by Egophiliac, White Tail, and Texel will have you mastering those arrow keys better than you ever thought you could!

    Head on over to this page and play it.
  • Collectors Weekly Reports on Our Crazy Fandom

    That was me before eqd and its loads of sitting lolol
    Collectors weekly has released an article all about our crazy little fandom here. This one incorporates a bunch of the old g1-3 crowd into the mix too, via showing their outlook on us for a good part of the article.  It's actually pretty interesting to see their take on the brony thing!

    They also asked me a bunch of questions to sort of provide a balance between the old and new.  As most of you probably know by now, I was never in to the old ponies. 

    Anyway, I'll quit blabbering. Check the article out here!
  • Animation: My Little Pony Opening: Portal Style

    We ponify portal all the time.  Twilight Sparkle and a multi-dimensional gun is almost canon at this point.  It's time for them to strike back! The FiM intro has been portalized !Check it out after the break.
  • PMV/Music: Foal Hymns

    This is an awesome PMV.  It is also an awesome pony song! Clearly the two are going to create some kind of space-time continuum warp that causes season three to come out a few months early!  Prince Whatever, ISMOFepicly, and PMV artist ThrashChrist need to collab more.

    Anyway go listen to it.  Or watch it above, it's your choice.  I'm not going to stop you.
  • Untitled

    Scooting off to BronyCon. Hope to see you guys there!