• Welovefine "My Favorite Pony" Contests

    Welovefine recently ran a Facebook poll asking who your favorite pony was.  The top three at the end turned out to be Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Fluttershy.  In typical Welovefine fashion, it's time for a contest! 

    Each pony has a separate one initially, with awards running everywhere from 500$ for first prize and 100$ for three runner ups, but on top of that, the 5 winners in each category will be forwarded up to a finale contest for a prize of a whopping $3000 bucks!  It sounds like you vector artists and designers have your work cut out for you!

    Each pony's page and their specific sections can be found below!

    Twilight Sparkle (Guest judge Tara Strong Herself!) 
    Twilight Sparkle is the unicorn pony with the mighty power of magic, and a brilliant head on her shoulders too - who doesn't love her?! Ponyville's cleverest magical apprentice and the leader of the Mane Six has many fans, and we just know all of you will come up with cool designs featuring her! Oh, and how about a totally Twilightlicious guest judge to boot? - that's right, we've got the one and only Tara Strong joining us to choose our judge's pick! So fans get your creative minds ready and get your designs started!
    Fluttershy (Guest judge Andrea Libman!)

    So you're a Fluttershy fan, huh? It's hard not to fall in love with the gentlest, kindest pegasus pony in Equestria - she might have a tiny, soft voice but she's got an enormous heart, and her sweetness is totally endearing. Plus, kind to animals - how can you not love that?! She's just delightful, and we are sure that all of her fans will come up with some awesome designs for her own contest. Meanwhile, who else could we get to be our super-special guest judge for a Fluttershy extravaganza than the actress who provides her voice, the wonderful Andrea Libman! So fans get your creative minds ready and get your designs started!
    Rainbow Dash (Guest TBA!)
    Okay, loyal Rainbow Dash fans - it's time to take to the skies and submit some awesome designs that are at least 20% Cooler, if not MORE! If you just can't get enough aerial acrobatics from the brash, high-flying tomboy pegasus with the rockin' rainbow mane, now is your chance to soar and create some truly terrific designs. Guest judge TBA.

    Good luck guys!