• Map of Equestria 2.0

    A long time ago in a blog post far far away, we posted about an in-progress rough map of ponyville that actually did a pretty good job of interpreting the episodes and placing buildings accordingly.   Season two completely changed it all though.  The creator of the first one has redone it to reflect the Equestria we know now.

    It's not the prettiest thing to look at, but it does do a good job of staying accurate to the show.   Someone get this guy a 3D artist and convert it into a Google Earth mod! (Does Google Earth have mods?).

    You can find all of the maps on his deviant art page, or at the specific links below:

    Plain map
    Labeled map
    Photo Guide

    He also created a guide to all of the buildings we have seen in Friendship is Magic so far.  Check that out here!