• Nightly Roundup #362

  • Derpy Mail Advertisement

    I deliver everything through Derpymail, and it's about time you guys do the same. 

    Check out her advertisement after the break.

  • Phoe and Calpain Interview Enterplay Pony Consultants

    You know those cards we've been teasing you guys with recently? Ever wonder what went into getting these cards to the fantastic finished state we see them in now? Well, Phoe and I have a little treat for all of you out there looking to nab up these cards as we interview pony fans Wendy, Kar Red Roses, and Cupcakes who served as consultants to Enterplay!

    In this roughly 30 minute interview we discuss how they were first brought on as consultants for the project, what were their roles as consultants for Enterplay, how satisfied they are with the final run, and many more little tidbits!

    You can check out the embed after the break!

  • Story Updates June 27th (Evening)

    Story updates time! Yarrr matey.

  • Mixed Media: Awoken Typography / Appledash / My Little Pony: Friendship is Crazy 4

    We have a mix of stuff this time around! First is a typography dedicated to Awoken, followed by some Appledash in PMV form, and finishing with crazy ponies, almost YTP style. Check them out below.

    1.) Awoken Typography
    2.) Appledash
    3.) My Little Pony: Friendship is Crazy 4

  • Vocal Music: ZwamTek - She's Really, Really Cute / Discord / Polychromatic

    We don't really get a lot of upbeat vocal tracks, so that first one is pretty refreshing! We also have some more 80's rock, and an original acoustic song dedicated to Rainbow Dash. Check them out below!

    1.) ZwamTek - She's Really, Really Cute (Also a rock version here!)
    2.) Discord (fixed)
    3.) Polychromatic (Original Song)

  • Mystery Crackle Plushie

    Yet another odd one has popped up from one of those Chinese sellers on Ebay.  The same person that was selling the plushie Spike has now listed a Crackle.   Right now, they show four available, with two sold for $39.99.  As with last time, it looks like they have a whole bunch of unreleased/rare factory made toys in their ebay shop.

    It's a pretty complex plushie for something produced in a factory, but the fact that they list an inventory kind of points to some form of mass production.  It's still a pretty weird character to choose over the normal ponies.

    China sure is full of mysteries...

    Anyway, check it out here! And on Amazon here

    Thanks to Huslilolme for the heads up!
  • Bronycon Livestreams: Midnight Run and Everfree Radio

    It looks like the planned livestreams for Bronycon are starting to show their schedules.   Midnight Run released information on theirs a few days ago, followed shortly after by EFR.   It looks like absolutely everything will be completely covered at the con.

    Anyway, information is after the break!

  • Comic: Revenge of the apple tree / To Everything There Is A Season / Special HAbility / Snuff Out the Light

     We start off with a commissioned Madmax comic, follow by the INTERNET, Some weirdo meme I still don't get even though I used to love that cartoon, and an Ahuizotl villain song, because he was completely forgotten within a week.

  • Garys Mod - Male Pony Pack

    The source pony pack has been upgraded yet again! A whole bunch of colt models have been added, finally giving all those fillies sitting around in that giant empty grass Gmod field something to chase after.   They even separated Braeburn's hat and vest thingy so you can toss them on other ponies. 

    The image above shows off all the characters that are included.  Check out the actual page for them here!
  • Pony Trading Cards : Sneak Peek #8 - Lyra and Golden Harvest

    Time for a Background pony character card!  They do in fact have a place in the set.  That's what happens when you have bronies as consultants!  This one pushed the boundary between fandom and Hasbro harder than any they have released previously, but with 137 cards, I'm just going to assume its not alone on that.

    Have a quote:
    At the heart of these cards is a spirit of cooperation, not just between Enterplay and the fandom consultants, but also between the three consultants ourselves. The two of us collaborated on this card and we're particularly proud of it, because the language is lively, bouncy, and fun, AND we managed to get the words "Carrot Top" and "bonbons" in the description! We're really glad Lyra made it into the set, because she's a favorite background gag pony of ours, and she's a really beautiful one as well. Here's hoping Lyra gets more screen time and speaking lines in Season 3!
    Check back in a few hours,  we are putting the final touches on our interview with the consultants! Expect it some time in the afternoon.    And as always, check out the pre-orders for these on Toywiz!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #488 - PYRO Edition

    I'm sure a good amount of you have already seen the Meet the Pyro TF2 video.  It only took an entire year to finally show up, and it is completely overflowing with unicorns, rainbows, and FIRE.   They are also giving out source filmmaker for free for all you source animators. 

    Anyway, have some art!

    Source 1
  • Madmax Comic Book at Bronycon

    It's no question, Madmax has had a huge impact in the comic area of the fandom.  Every single episode gets some love, right from the beginning of the first season.  Her zany video game crossovers and subtle background shoutouts have always been something to look forward to. 

    This specific book collects her 26 best of the best comics, with all of the old text errors edited out and fixed.  Unfortunately she herself cannot attend the convention due to a massive ocean and a whole bunch of land getting in the way, but each of these will be sold for 15 dollars each, with side art prints going for $5.  There will only be 40 of them, so if you want a piece of history be sure to get there early!

    If they don't sell out (Though with 3000 people and 40 copies, I don't see that happening), the remainder will be dealt with on her Deviant Art page
  • Doscor Whooves Adventures Episode 3 - Chords of Chaos

    Doctor Whooves fans rejoice! We have the third installment of Ponyinabox's adventure series, starring your favorite time traveling maniac and a whole bunch of ponies.  Now go clear some ear time, and check it out after the break!

  • Music Remix: Foozogz - Love Bloom / Princess Addictia - Love Is In Bloom

    Love is in bloom this morning, with two new remixes of everyone's favorite pony pop song. Foozogz and Princess Addictia each have completely different styles for it, each uniquely good in their own way. Check both out below!

    1.) Foozogz - Love Bloom
    2.) Princess Addictia - Love Is In Bloom

  • Mythical Morning Episode 122 on Bronies

    Another YouTube group did a short video on the pony thing!  Unlike real media, they actually watched it! Check out the full video after the break.

    And thanks to the armada of people that sent it in! Keep the news flowing.
  • Story Updates June 27th (Morning)

    Story updates time! We have four tonight.  Find them below.

  • Nightly Roundup #361

    Nightly roundup time! It's a short one.  Have some adult Scootaloo to start it off.