• Madmax Comic Book at Bronycon

    It's no question, Madmax has had a huge impact in the comic area of the fandom.  Every single episode gets some love, right from the beginning of the first season.  Her zany video game crossovers and subtle background shoutouts have always been something to look forward to. 

    This specific book collects her 26 best of the best comics, with all of the old text errors edited out and fixed.  Unfortunately she herself cannot attend the convention due to a massive ocean and a whole bunch of land getting in the way, but each of these will be sold for 15 dollars each, with side art prints going for $5.  There will only be 40 of them, so if you want a piece of history be sure to get there early!

    If they don't sell out (Though with 3000 people and 40 copies, I don't see that happening), the remainder will be dealt with on her Deviant Art page

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