• Pony Trading Cards : Sneak Peek #8 - Lyra and Golden Harvest

    Time for a Background pony character card!  They do in fact have a place in the set.  That's what happens when you have bronies as consultants!  This one pushed the boundary between fandom and Hasbro harder than any they have released previously, but with 137 cards, I'm just going to assume its not alone on that.

    Have a quote:
    At the heart of these cards is a spirit of cooperation, not just between Enterplay and the fandom consultants, but also between the three consultants ourselves. The two of us collaborated on this card and we're particularly proud of it, because the language is lively, bouncy, and fun, AND we managed to get the words "Carrot Top" and "bonbons" in the description! We're really glad Lyra made it into the set, because she's a favorite background gag pony of ours, and she's a really beautiful one as well. Here's hoping Lyra gets more screen time and speaking lines in Season 3!
    Check back in a few hours,  we are putting the final touches on our interview with the consultants! Expect it some time in the afternoon.    And as always, check out the pre-orders for these on Toywiz!

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