• Veggie55's Guide to Lineart

    You have probably seen one of his hundreds hundreds of comics in one of our compilations over the last year or so.  His ponies are pretty much side by side show accurate with the actual cartoon.  For all of you struggling artists out there, or those that just want a few tips to get started, Veggie has released a video guide to creating line art.   It details just about everything you would run into while drawing your very own digital pony.  Maybe we can start moving away from the pony creator fanfiction images!

    Check it out after the break!

  • Comic: Bravo vs Ponyville 5 / Pinkie The Pirate / Derpy meets Luna in her new house / Flutterpox (Part Two)

    Bravo invades Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle turns to Piracy, Derpy learns a new way to sleep, and Rainbow Dash apologizes for this comic.  Click them all for full!

  • Convention Compilation - June 22nd

    Another week means another convention compilation. Got a decent bit of news for you all tonight which you can check out after the break!

    Now for the headlines, check after the break for the full scoop:
    • Equestria LA AM2 Q&A Panel
    • Midwestria Updates
    • Love is Magic at TrotCon
    • BronyCon documentary invites military servicemembers to dinner 
    • Galacon is SOLD OUT! 
  • Custom Compilation #72

    Fus-Ro-Yay~ edition because Fluttershy is best Dovahkiin. Just look at her little axe!

    Custom time has rolled around once again. Check out all the custom swag after the break!

    Source 1

  • Summer Funimation Project: Storyboard Contest

    Time for round two of the Summer Funimation Project! They need storyboards, and our fandom is overflowing with artists! After the break, you will find the full set of rules, including the example storyboard that will hopefully get you in the door, as well as examples on how exactly something like this works for those that haven't ever attempted one before.   Think of it as a learning experience!

    Now go check it out after the break!

  • Story Updates June 22nd (Evening)

    Eight story updates tonight.  How do you guys keep up with all of these?

  • Vocal Music: Midwives Of Discord - Hint Of Red / The Changeling - Blaze, Tuxe & Ozzwald

    That first song guys... It's probably the most unique we have had in forever. One of the music reviewers compared it to sail. We also have an electronic vocal dedicated to changlings in the second slot! It's vocal time!

    1.) Midwives Of Discord - Hint Of Red feat. Zeeraw
    2.) The Changeling - Blaze, Tuxe & Ozzwald

  • 200,000,000 Celebration Post!

    I told you guys I'd give you stats, so have some stats!

    For the past year and a half we have been completely swarmed by pony fans all around the world.   Out of 6 million unique IP's (give or take a million based on people with dynamic IP's and multiple devices), the top 10 countries can be found below the break.

    We couldn't have kept this going without you guys though!  All of the artists, authors, community organizers, musicians, video editors, animators, and the average pony fans out there should give yourselves a pat on the back.  We took something that was the complete opposite of societal norms, and turned it into a worldwide phenomenon!

    We aren't the only site that hit a huge milestone today though.  Amazingly enough, our bro-fanfic site Fimfiction hit 100,000,000 in the exact same hour as our 200mil hit.  All you crazy authors and readers sure do love your pony stories!

    World maps and top 10 countries, along with Fimfiction's last year stats can be found after the break! 

    (And Pointing Trixie from TheParagon, onward to another year of Trixie's Variety Show! Equestria Daily)

    Update: Added 2 videos of the event! 
  • Drawfriend Stuff #484

    Poor Gilda... She barely ever gets fan art.  At least Trixie has a small but extremely vocal fan base!

    Have some art

    Source 1

    And thanks to Bryon for the 200,000,000 hits Pinkie Pie banner! We have a few more still in progress, along with some collab with another site that also hit a milestone in the last hour.  Look forward to that later! 
  • Pony Trading Cards : Sneak Peek #3 - Crazy Cutie Pox

    We have had a character, and standee, and now show off one of their "Moment of Friendship" cards.  These are basically showcases of various standout scenes from FiM, this one being Applebloom hitting absolute rock bottom with her Cutie Pocks and multitasking everything.  That looks like me yesterday when I had five chat programs all buzzing constantly while doing the drawfriend! I've never typed so fast.

    I digress though.  The full set information can be found here as always!
  • Children of the Night - Anamatic

    This is awesome.  More proof that Luna needs another episode.  Children of the Night is an animation project that a duo of people over on Youtube are in the process of creating, and this is the animatic for it! Now go watch it after the break, and check out their dev blog here!

  • Pre-Orders for Toys R' Us Favorites Collection Now Available

    See that set up there? That is going in the pink isle. You don't usually see dark and black in the pink isle.  You gotta give it to Hasbro and Toys R' Us for giving us a shot like this!

    This is essentially the "brony" set, with Nightmare Moon, Trixie, Scratch, Pinkie, Dash, and Daisy.  Toys R' Us has added pre-orders to their website for $39.99.  If you want more stuff aimed at us, take that donation money that we seem to have endless supplies of and throw it here instead!  Your collection isn't complete without Scratch and Nightmare Moon anyway!

    Thanks to Ace Reporter Whatshisgame for the news as always! Dude makes Twilight Sparkle's 5 days without sleep look like a blind person trying to play Mushihimesama Futari Black Label GOD MODE Stage 5.
  • Story: Dear Ponyville


    Author: 1over0
    Description: Rainbow Dash gets a unique opportunity to join the Wonderbolts. Thus, she moves away to Cloudsdale, leaving Ponyville behind. However, she remains in contact with her friends via letters. Time passes, things change, but the letters remain constant.
    Dear Ponyville

    Additional Tags: Time, Distance, Separation, Endings, Friendship
  • Derpiboo.ru Is Now Fully Operational

    Raindrops because Raindrops is always relevant!

    Clover the Clever, the administrator of the newly minted Derpiboo.ru, the replacement for Ponibooru, reports to us that the website has worked through its teething issues and is now fully operational. He urges people who were having problems connecting last time we announced it to try again. In my personal testing, the server seems much more snappy.

    Go check it out! They're ready. In his own words, though: 'famous last words'.


  • Flash: Your Sanity is Mine! Afro Pony!

    Pinkie Pie shapes her hair into an afro and goes insane: the flash.  Actually, that's pretty much her description all the time, so I guess there isn't anything new to see here, is there?
  • PMV: I Can't Stop Partying

    It's so lasery! I haven't seen a video with these kind of effects before, at least not from ponydom.

    Check it out after the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #357

    Yep, Calpain here with some sleeping ponies. Have I gotten predictable yet? At the very least I can afford to stay up late and report the news to you guys as I have officially turned in everything for my Masters program and am free to pony with you all this summer.

    So time for some news! Why is it when PK needs maintenance these things get longer? It's a conspiracy I tell you!