• 200,000,000 Celebration Post!

    I told you guys I'd give you stats, so have some stats!

    For the past year and a half we have been completely swarmed by pony fans all around the world.   Out of 6 million unique IP's (give or take a million based on people with dynamic IP's and multiple devices), the top 10 countries can be found below the break.

    We couldn't have kept this going without you guys though!  All of the artists, authors, community organizers, musicians, video editors, animators, and the average pony fans out there should give yourselves a pat on the back.  We took something that was the complete opposite of societal norms, and turned it into a worldwide phenomenon!

    We aren't the only site that hit a huge milestone today though.  Amazingly enough, our bro-fanfic site Fimfiction hit 100,000,000 in the exact same hour as our 200mil hit.  All you crazy authors and readers sure do love your pony stories!

    World maps and top 10 countries, along with Fimfiction's last year stats can be found after the break! 

    (And Pointing Trixie from TheParagon, onward to another year of Trixie's Variety Show! Equestria Daily)

    Update: Added 2 videos of the event! 

    Central Africa doesn't know what friendship is.

    And Fimfiction's stats courtesy of Knighty: 

    Milestone Videos: