• Pre-Orders for Toys R' Us Favorites Collection Now Available

    See that set up there? That is going in the pink isle. You don't usually see dark and black in the pink isle.  You gotta give it to Hasbro and Toys R' Us for giving us a shot like this!

    This is essentially the "brony" set, with Nightmare Moon, Trixie, Scratch, Pinkie, Dash, and Daisy.  Toys R' Us has added pre-orders to their website for $39.99.  If you want more stuff aimed at us, take that donation money that we seem to have endless supplies of and throw it here instead!  Your collection isn't complete without Scratch and Nightmare Moon anyway!

    Thanks to Ace Reporter Whatshisgame for the news as always! Dude makes Twilight Sparkle's 5 days without sleep look like a blind person trying to play Mushihimesama Futari Black Label GOD MODE Stage 5.